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Best freeze dried food..

I go camping, I also like to have at lest a weeks worth of food..What freeze dried meals are any good...
Outdoor gear review by Like has alot of reviews. I like almost anything so my opinion won't help much lol, cheaper options are also good, shin ramen, knorr meals in the green bags, Aldi's also has freeze dried fruit now fyi.
Backpackers Pantry has some tasty freeze dried meals. Back when I worked in the outdoors sporting goods industry I stocked up at a discount. They are not cheap but I think they taste better than the Mountain House brand. I hear people are buying up loads of then now with the virus panic buying. I just looked at BP pantry website and they are out of stock of quite a few things. They do have a sale at the moment for multi packs.
I go camping, I also like to have at lest a weeks worth of food..What freeze dried meals are any good...
Most freeze dried meals are very expensive for what you get in terms of nutritional value. The portion sizes on the label are totally unrealistic, you will want double what they say if you are physically active. Another issue is they tend to have too much salt and fake ingredients.

If you have any cooking ability at all, you can do better with ingredients from the supermarket, plus drying some of your own foods in a dehydrator.


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Funny to stumble into this thread just now. Now in May . . . . perhaps a week's worth of food does not cut it. With the kinda sorta lock-down due to covid 19 I've managed to clean up my pantry and freezer quite a bit. Fortunately it has been possible to shop yet we are trying to limit ourselves to once a week and if possible delivered to home or curbside pickup.

For me tinned, or jars of tomato sauce
Dried beans, lentils, rice of various sorts
Pastas in various types
Powdered potatoes, milk
Various meat products in the freezer (yeah I have a generator for back up . . . but who knows . . . how much gas)
I always have flour of various types and yeast

I am sure I could do better . . . but at least the stuff above I can keep using and replacing so it is always available.