Best fragrance for a manly man?

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by nimrod, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. emwolf

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    Reminds me of a phenomenal Simpsons episode where Bart and Milhouse find old "playguy" magazines with all the pictures missing. The life they create based on just the reading portion is hilarious.
  2. Thanks guys for the enlightenment, fun read. Terrycloth, baby blue romper, for how much money would i snap and don such an abomination, Friday's quandary.
  3. emwolf

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    Found one on ETSY for $99.
  4. Halloween's still a long ways off... my wife would disown me.

    I'd need to find a chest toupee.
  5. I thought you were pondering how much you would need to be paid to wear one, not how much it would cost to wear one.
  6. You are right, i was thinking about the cost of selling my soul, Halloween comes with different rules.

  7. I used to subscribe to Playboy ... but it was just for the onesies.
  8. Chanel Antaeus

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  9. Three things a manly man should smell like:

    You can add shoe polish if you're a fancy lawyer.
  10. emwolf

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    That's what I smell like today, Chiseled Face Sherlock. Great stuff. I have soap, aftershave and cologne.
  11. Raven Koenes

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    This stuff:
  12. emwolf

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  13. Raven Koenes

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    Oh yeah! :w00t:
  14. you forgot lumber, engine oil and grilled red meat
  15. Bhugo

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    If ***** Galore will hang out with me, I’ll wear a baby blue romper and ladies perfume......
  16. Sure thing - plenty of goodies to be had without spending silly money.
    My first thought is Yatagan by Caron. All sort of woody herbalness this. Impossible to describe this as anything other than masculine!. Not macho or in your face, rather, refined, elegant and sophisticated.
  17. For Winter (or a Date):parfums de Marly Layton or Mont Blanc Legend Night
    For Summer: Creed GIT or Davidoff Cool Water
    For the Office:Creed Aventus or Pineapple Vintage
  18. emwolf

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    found Jicky 3.3 oz edp for the unheard of price of $29. It is definitely a scent that can be worn by either sex. It's got kind of a spicy dry down that is really pleasing.
  19. Charrington Maturations Christopher Street.
  20. And horses. Bay rum, whiskey, and horses.

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