Best fragrance for a manly man?

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    Chanel Antaeus- A very manly but oh so classy 80's powerhouse. A woody/leather chypre

    I had this too back in the day. Need to track some down!
  1. Chiseled Face has some interesting scents that I really like. I reach for Sherlock and Ghost Town Barber on a regular basis.
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    Great masculine scents both
  3. Barrister's Reserve Fern, due to be released on April 11. And right at your price point.
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  4. My mistake... Heritage is the youngest of the bunch arriving in 1992.
  5. Azzaro
  6. Fahrenheit
  7. Panama 1924, Tobacco/Vanilla, very rich
    Eau Sauvage
    If you like vetiver, Guerlain Vetiver
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  8. napalm funny humor cologne apocalypse now.jpeg
  9. I’m a 54 year old attorney who has worn many of the suggestions above. I’ve gone through many bottles of Polo Green, Kouros and several others. Quite a few good suggestions above.

    Four scents I think fit your criteria:

    (1) Creed GIT. Buy a bottle of Stirling Sharp Dressed Man EDT for $30. If you fall in love (as many do), pick up a bottle of the Creed on the Bay from a highly rated seller or;

    (2) Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. Try Fine’s Fresh Vetiver AS for $25. Same drill as above with finding the TF real thing;

    (3). Tom Ford Tuscan Leather. Very pricey, but IMHO, it hits your description perfectly. It is a perfect courtroom, depo, mediations scent and wears well anywhere at night. I love the manliness and sophistication of the scent. Also, it’s off the charts for drawing compliments, while not being too powerful as some deem applies to Polo Green or a few of the PDM powerhouse scents.

    4) Amouage Jubilation Man XXV. A marvelous scent for a man’s man in the same way Creed GIT is; it’s just a very unique scent that you will rarely smell on anyone else.

    Best of luck in your search. You lr getting many great suggestions.

  10. Based on your preferences, and of fragrances I own and have stuck with, I would recommend:
    • Knize 10 (sheer power and finesse)
    • Guerlain Vetiver (fresh and classy)
    • Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet (fresh and formal)
    • Caron Yatagan (very outdoorsy and masculine)
    • Aramas Havana (powerful smart-casual)
    • Azzaro (old school fresh)
    • YSL Rive Gauche (classy barbershop)
    • Polo Green (powerful smart-casual)
  11. Looks like I am a little late to the party here, but I thought I would give you my opinion. I have spent the last year exploring this topic and my collection is far too large to be justifiable! You have a lot of options here.

    I would say that your safest slam dunk has got to be Aramis. It's everything you said, masculine, traditional, mature. usually has the lowest prices online that I have seen. They have Aramis testers for around $18. It retails for around $50. If you want to pair it with an aftershave that's very affordable, Pinaud Special Reserve is very close and works well. You can keep it in the Pinaud family, which is nice.

    Another that is one of my absolute favorites is Royal Copenhagen. It's extremely masculine and traditional, not sexy. It's just a few steps away from Clubman and is extremely powdery. Scented monkey has testers for $3.50 and that retails for a lot more. There is an 8oz aftershave on Amazon for $4.99, which is an absolute steal. The Musk version of Royal Copenhagen is excellent too, though you have to apply a lot of it for it to project. It is reminiscent of a lighter Jovan Musk with a powdery drydown.

    And Finally, there is Quorum by Antonio Puig. Absolute masculine masterpiece! It's a smoky, leather, woody powerhouse that is a real Clint Eastwood type scent.

    Just to list several other traditional fragrances, there is Paco Rabanne pour homme (but skip the aftershave, it sucks), Canoe, Alfred Sung, Azzarro pour homme, and Bogart Signature (or just "Bogart")
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    My concern about Aramis would be that there are going to be those who recognize it and who will associate it with a time in the 1970s when, as far as I know, it was the most popular scent out there, especially among a certain set of people. So it may seem dated/overdone to some of the population. I suppose as the population ages, there may be fewer and fewer folks that have this reaction. (FWIW, I loved Aramis then, and I love it now, and I own it, in a semi-vintage version. But I would not wear it un-ironically. I would not hesitate to wear the various Aramis flankers, such as Devin, JHL, New West, Tuscany, etc.) On the other hand, I encourage everyone to start wearing Aramis, so I can wear it again.

    I do not consider Royal Copenhagen to be so distinctive as to stand out as dated.

    Quorum is an interesting one. 1980s powerhouse, for sure, but I do not think it was so prevalent as to be immediately recognizable. A nice manly woody, leathery, tobacco-y (as I recall) scent.
  13. I've always like Polo Double Black.
  14. Lots of great suggestions here. If you like something that lasts all day and into the evening try this. I have had more complements on this fragrance than any other. It's an 80s but timeless. Not many wore it so nobody recognizes it. Manly scent. Look it up. 20190402_173615.jpg
  15. I wear Aqua Velva. This is the AS my grand father used. I cannot think of a more manly man.
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    this has been a great thread for me. I've been expanding my cologne collection over the past year. Just got a sample of Caswell Massey Jockey Club and was bummed to find it smells almost identical to Guerlain Habit Rouge (which I had a full bottle gifted to me a year ago).
  17. If you like the scent of TOBS sandalwood SC, it’s available as a cologne for about $35 per 100ml bottle.
  19. I am going to suggest a couple of fragrances off the main line so to speak, but both are very natural, clean and on the rugged side. The first is Cremo Bourbon Oak, a unique, deeply scented wood/mild spice offering. Has a bit of sweetness, and it lasts a good 8/10 hours. Wintertime is made for wearing this, you will get inquiries about what you are wearing. Enjoyable to wear, to me this scent is made for the outdoorsman. Second, is Olivina Bourbon Cedar. This scent has a fresh cedar aroma, with some smokiness and a tinge of booze. It is very natural in scent and has NO perfumy touches at all. The Olivina is fresh enough, yet warm enough to use year-round. Both are under thirty bucks, snoop online for the Cremo. Olivina offers a full line of grooming essentials in this range. They offer deodorant, soap, body wash, shave gel, moisturizers and of course the cologne. A regional grocer named HyVee is where I got the Olivina, otherwise online from the manufacturer is possible. Just my personal take, but if you want natural, outdoorsy and manly, these two are grand slams!

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