Best fragrance for a manly man?

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by nimrod, Mar 24, 2019.

    Creed Bois du Portugal
    Aramis Havana
    Bentley for Men Absolute
  1. I like Paul Sabastian and Cremo Blue Cedar And Cypress. My wife loves the Cremo!
  2. Pino Silvestre
  3. Polarbeard

    Polarbeard Contributor Ambassador

    Dior Homme intense
  4. Any masculine fougere released in the last 30 years, Versace Dreamer being an exception.
  5. Hello OP,

    Pino beat me to it. Acquired taste : CARON YATAGAN. I am a long time member of Basenotes (Cologne/Fragrance) web site since 2003. I've tried/owned hundreds of fragrances over the years (many of which are very pricey) such as Creed Bois du Portugal (which is excellent). That being said, YATAGAN (IMHO) is a bargain priced Masterpiece and proudly sits on my TOP shelf Fragrances. In fact, Yatagan may very well be my most worn Fragrances. Love it!

    Some of my current top Fragrances :

    Santa Maria Novella ACQUA DI CUBA
    Caron YATAGAN
    Santa Maria Novella NOSTALGIA
    L'Artisan DZING!
    50ml Marlou d'ambiguite
    L'Occitine Eau de Baux
    Dior Eau Sauvage (2012)
    Serge Lutens Musc Koublai Khan
    Serge Lutens Chergui
    Maitre Parfumer et Ganiter Parfum d'Habit
    Etat Libre d'Orange RIEN INTENSE
    Boadicea the Victorious COMPLEX
    Knize TEN

  6. Tokyospike

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    Good lord, I had no idea this fragrance expertise was at our fingertips! My answer will sound uneducated, but I’m a manly man, and for me it’s pretty much coming down to Ghost Town Barber and Bay Rum, depending on mood and activity.
  7. Opus 1870 (Penhaligon) is what I turn to for a manly scent.

  8. Mid 40s lawyer who loves the outdoors and isn't afraid of old fragrances? And nobody has suggested Paco Rabanne pour Homme, Polo Green, Azzaro pour Homme, or Drakkar Noir yet? Four classy fragrances with heavy woodsy / green notes that, although found in high schools in the '80s, are predominantly found in boardrooms today (because all the dudes who wore them in the '80s grew up and got jobs). Three of them can even be found for about $30 / piece on the internet, making them pretty easy purchases.
  9. CUBA Gold or Clubman Whiskey Woods would fit your bill nicely.
  10. Hi Tokyo,

    Expert ? Nawwww. I'm just an"over the Top" Fragrances Junkie. Nothing uneducated about your answer. I'm not familiar with Ghost Town Barber however, a good Bay Rum is a thing of beauty. I'm known (at Basenotes and elsewhere) of having rather eclectic taste in Fragrances. I tend to love Fragrances that many would consider odd/stinky/strong/weird/unique/off beat and many would say even RANK smelling. LOL, it's an acquired taste which took me years for my Nose to appreciate. I just can't do overly sweet Fragrances. Ugggh.
    "The Eye may lie, the lip may slip, but, the Nose knows!" Wear which ever Fragrances YOU like, it's that simple.

  11. Bhugo

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    Outdoorsy and 44, you have to try Polo Green. It’s not sweet and is full of scents that you would associate with the outdoors. Careful on the sprayer though as it is no weakliing.

    A lot of colognes that I think are manly are actually worn by women, but I doubt many women try Polo Green. It is pure manly and outdoorsy scent to me.
  12. Caron YATAGAN. I'm so glad you guys brought this scent up! Wore it in the late 80s and had forgotten about it. Now I have to order some thanks to you enablers! Very masculine scent like YSL Kouros (not in scent but strength) if it likes your body chemistry it gets rave reviews from the women. Not everyone can pull it off though.
  13. Hi Wtd,

    I'm glad that Pino and I could be of help. Today, I just HAD to wear my beloved YATAGAN! I love it!
    Over at (last July 14th. which just happens to be my Birthday and Bastille Day) we had YATAGAN DAY! A bunch of BN members wore (or purchased ahead of time) the wonderful French Caron Cologne. I hope you purchase a bottle soon. Enjoy.

  14. For a manly man... I think you need bacon cologne

  15. Stirling Soap Co has a version of GIT that from what I understand smells identical to the Creed for 30 bucks. I get lots of compliments on my stuff from Burberry I use Brit and Touch for Men they can be had at Walmart for under 50
  16. The Knize

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    Some good suggestions here. One would think the OP's questions would be easier to answer but they are not. None of them. My gut feeling is the OP might like some leather scents and there were not too many of those named. I cannot think of anything in the $50 range and I sure would not bu a whole bottle blind. Vetivers might fit, too, but one has to like vetiver. I love vetiver. Try Guerlian, I suppose.

    Nice list sixcats. Very eclectic. I own Yatagan, but I do not wear it. A polarizing frag. Although the dry down is not nearly as remarkable as the top notes.
  17. I can't wear Yatagan at all. Have tried it twice now and it almost made me gag both times. Just too much in the top notes.
  18. Chanel Pour Monsieur - A timeless and gentlemanly citrus chypre.
    Chanel Antaeus- A very manly but oh so classy 80's powerhouse. A woody/leather chypre
    Guerlain Heritage - A fantastic fougere with a barbershop bent.

    The Chanels will set you back a C'note but the Guerlain is about 40 bucks for 100ml in the EdT version.

    These all project class and confidence of a bygone era (Antaeus is the youngster of the bunch arriving in 1981) with out even a hint of axe body spray teenaged tom foolery.

    I need to try Kouros. It strikes me that Kouros and Antaeus must be fierce rivals but brothers in arms as far as truly masculine scents go!
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  19. Guerlain Vetiver, fresh green outdoorsy. Spring in a bottle!

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