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Best Film Processing Services

I'm not sure that I will get into home developing and scanning any time soon so I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for a good online film processing service. I have no local film labs to speak of, that I have been able to find in my research. I hear that "The Darkroom" is good and has decent rates. Any others worth checking out? Keep in mind that I am still in the learning stages and am not looking for "Art Exhibit" quality prints, just basic developing and scans for now. Thanks in advance.
I like www.thedarkroom.com. Their enhanced scanning is great, if somewhat expensive. To develop and scan a roll with advanced scanning runs $20 plus return postage. The postage is the same for up to 8 rolls

I process B&W at home and send color off to the lab.
Dwayne's Photo in Kansas is a very good high volume lab with excellent prices. The Darkroom is also good as mentioned above. I've used both of them.

A lot of retailers will send your film out for processing but not return the negatives. Avoid those!
Just sent off a roll of 35mm to thedarkroom.com, customer service has been exceptional thus far. They seem to be the most reasonable option for me, at this point. By next winter I hope bulk load and develop my own negs, and with any luck Santa may bring me a scanner next year so I can do it all from home.
Sent off the film Friday and I just got the notification that its already processed and uploaded, here are a few shots:
This is something I need to move forward on. I have followed the Darkroom on facebook for years, as local development was drying up. But about the same time I had kids and stopped actively shooting as much, and sticking with digital. I am glad there are still options out there.

We just went to Rome and my wife shot at least two rolls of Medium format on her Holga. She needs to get those sent in.
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