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Best fast food/fast casual Cold Brew?

I am curious, for those of you who are Cold Brew fans, what Cold Brew is your favorite?
I make my own cold brew, but sometimes I have a day or two when I am between brews so I have to get some on the way into work.
My favorite beans for my home brewed cold brew are StoneStreet, and Rev Silver Comet.

I have 4 places that I get my cold brew on those days when I am out and one of them might be the BEST cold brew I have ever had.

Here are the 4 optional stops:
- Starbucks
- Rev coffee in Smyrna, just outside of Atlanta
- A stand alone coffee shop that sells Stumptown and the Nitro Stumptown.
- Chic-fil-A

As much as I love the brews that I do at home, and as great as Stumpton is, and Rev is even better than that, nothing can touch Chic-Fil-A's Cold Brew. I kid you NOT.

Sometimes the water ratio is a little off and it's weaker than I like.
And most of the time, like more than 50% of the time, even when I clearly ask for it BLACK with NO Sweetener and NO cream, they give it to me with cream and it has to be re-done.
Despite this, it is by far the tastiest damn cold brew that I have ever had.

They use a special ThriveFarmers blend, which obviously you can't just buy online, but damn I wish that I could. It is insanely good.
THRIVE Farmers Coffee

What is your Favorite?
WaWa recently started serving Cold Brew.
Each cup is custom made, you order it over on the side where they make the sandwiches.

Its pretty good. A lot cheaper than Starbucks, and more readily available.