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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by EPfarnie, Mar 18, 2017.

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    Thanks for your suggestions guys.
  2. Good choice. It's a fine razor. If cared for properly I suspect they would last a long time too. It's just not a lifetime razor like a vintage Gillette or a stainless razor.

    I would be sure to put instructions with the razor to be very careful screwing and unscrewing the head assembly. The only problem I've heard of with these razors is when someone carelessly cross threads one or tightens it down too hard.
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    STOP - Get a vintage Slim instead!! - High quality shaves, it's mild and the adjusting is great for finding your preferred level, it's amazingly beautiful and when not shaving he can just sit and hold it, look at it and let the DE bug really take hold. Owning a vintage adjustable makes you desperate to succeed as you feel you can never be without it :)
    ... Or get a Feather Popular, Feathers are truly amazing razors.
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  4. I hope you enjoy them. I've probably given away a dozen of them so far. They are mild, so a new shaver can get away with a mistake or two without paying with blood. I'm using one (with a different handle) in just a few minutes.
  5. VDH is definetly a weishi. It was my first razor. While the quality is excellent for the price, I find its just too mild of a razor and i grew out of it in a week.

    If i could start over ide start with something more aggressive.

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  6. Did you read the original post? A Slim is a fine razor but not within the budget he prescribed. AND he wanted to go with a new razor and not vintage. I've used a feather popular. Good razor but personally I prefer all metal.
  7. I absolutely agree! For 15 to 20 dollar on Ebay and that's with shipping. Great razor!
  8. I'm sorry, I didn't see that you were looking for a three piece razor. Another inexpensive razor is a Rapira safety razor.
    Can be purchased for less than $10 on Ebay.
  9. Northstonehill

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    Well my bad then, sorry if I offended anyone... but I just wish that I'd known about B&B when I started. Then someone might have told me that I go someway else than just buying the 34c that all websites suggested. Cut my face wide open. An adjustable makes you able to test your preferences and you don't risk the poor guy trying a specific razor and then too hastily conclude "Nope this is not for me in general"... the best answer is not always the direct one...
    But that's just my 2 cents...
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  10. No worries. The slim is a fine razor. And I agree adjustables can be good when starting out and you are unsure of what you need.
  11. Just last week, I received in the mail from amazon the Merkur 1904 (the 42C - closed comb). Also available on amazon is the Merkur 43C, an open-comb 1904. Both are currently @$25.50 USD. These are quality razors, nearly identical to the Gillette Tech in size and weight, and at a price only a few dollars above the Weishi. I would say the closed-comb model would be ideal for a DE beginner.

    However, I do not know what the postage might be from the US to AU. This is maybe a show stopper.
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  12. I think that EJs are the cheapest 3-piece razors youre going to find. I believe that some Merkurs are in the same range but, IMO, EJ/Muhle heads are far superior to Merkurs. I started out with a few Merkur razors and found that with all of them, I had to align the blade but with any EJ/Muhle razor, I just put the blade in, tighten the handle and its good to go. No aligning of the blade needed.
    About TTO, while you may not pefer them, if youre looking for something affordable for your friend, a TTO may be your best option because all of the, "drug store" razors that I see on store shelves are all TTOs. Being that your friend is new to wet shaving, a TTO may be preferrable because its pretty much fool proof. The only downside to TTO is that they are a little more difficult to keep clean.
  13. He's already
    An EJ is not the cheapest 3 piece?? The Lord is less expensive and still a pretty good quality razor. And saying the only advantage of a three piece over a TTO being cleaning is just your opinion. Many people prefer three piece razors. IMO in addition to being easier to clean they are also less complex and therefore less likely to breakdown over time or if mishandled or dropped. YMMV.
  14. There's only one choice here imo. Maggard razor. Great for a beginner or an old pro and should last a lifetime.
  15. As I said, the RazoRock Teck II - 3 Piece - is a Baili. You can get it on ebay.

    Here's a BIN (US ebay) for $8

    BAILI Manual Chrome Long Handle Men's Barber Shaving Safety Blade Razor Mirror | eBay
  16. The RazoRock German 37. A gentle slant bar. Very efficient. Under $20
  17. pbrmhl

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    This is the only sub-$10 razor I own (except for some vintage SEs), and it performs well. If you're willing to spend a little more, the FaTip piccolo is magnificent, and made of brass.
  18. Ming Shi 2000s. It's a Futur clone. You can buy it for around $11 including shipping from China. It's a well made bargain.
  19. +1. That would also be my choice.

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