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    Hi all. I am looking to put together a starter DE kit for a friend. I looking for a cheap but quality modern razor to put in it. I want something mild but efficient, that isn't likely to turn them off DE shaving forever after the first use. I am looking for something under around $25 Aust (for comparison a Merkur 33C Classic cost about $35 AUS and an Edwin Jagger around $AU50. Cheers.
  2. For one thing, this is better posted in the DE section instead of the SE section. I don't know what you have access to in Australia, but do know that anything from USA probably going to hit you with postage that is more than your price range. If you have access to eBay, I would look at a Weishi, Feather Popular, or Baili as they are all good quality and reasonably priced. Good luck in your search.
  3. I love The Lord L6 (lp1822l) which costs less than $10 US.
  4. Weishi
  5. The Van der Hagen is okay when you factor in price. $16 USD and you get 5 of the VDH ice tempered steel blades (terrible, but okay for price).
  6. Actually RiMei razor is quite good, also there is Gillette Sterling. I do not know if you guys consider these razors as modern because they're based on Tech.
  7. I would immediately suggest you bend your budget and get the Merkur. Merkur makes fine products well worth the extra $10.
  8. I'm in the US so I'm not sure what US or Canada to Australia shipping would cost, and I don't know what online retailers you have in Australia if you want to avoid international shipping. I do know that $25AUS is equivalent to about $20.

    If shipping wouldn't be too crazy (and for any US lurkers thinking the same thing), the best deal in DE shaving has to be Italian Barber's RazoRock razors and Maggards (with the RR being a tad better deal). The Maggards V3 head is basically a good Edwin Jagger clone, and with that head their razors range from $18-22USD depending upon which handle you want. For RazoRock, the Mission head is their good Edwin Jagger clone, and depending upon the handle, they range from $15-20USD.
  9. The Wilkinson Sword Classic is my favorite razor under $25. $10 for the razor and 5 blades. It's fool proof for beginners since it's got good grip, works well with most blades, has no alignment issues, is light weight (which will compensate for using pressure instinctively in the beginning), and is a two piece. It's just a touch more aggressive than a 34C.

    Also, don't get the Treet Delrin. It's marketed as being the exact same razor as the Classic, but it isn't. I have multiples of each, and the Treet is pretty terrible. Unusually mild, the handle is brittle, the TTO isn't smooth, and the head doesn't close all the way.
  10. I wanted to suggest Merkur 1904 but I'm not sure these are in stocks anymore.
    Mekur head is a standard

    @baribicidal good razor, I still own one but I've forgot how it shaves. Back in a day when I was using it, shaves were good, but I have to say I'd rather buy a rimei than wsc only because there is a possibility he would not like it.
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  11. What about a classic Gillette off Australian EBay?
  12. Gillette Tech or Superspeed for a mild shave. Gillette New for a efficient shave. You can get both off the bay. YMMV, but, in my opinion, you wouldn't need another razor if you had these.
  13. The Lord L6 is a good razor for about 10 bucks. But like all modern razors less than $100 it's Zamak metal so when the finish wears down the razor is likely to corrode and fail. That may not happen for several years.

    That's why something like a vintage ball end tech is such a good deal. In US you can find one in good shape for 10 to 15 bucks. Solid brass so they don't wear out with reasonable care.
  14. RiMei is okay, but I wouldn't give it to someone as their sole 'new' razor. It's excellent for a travel razor, because with the price, if you lose it, throw it away, or the TSA takes it, you're not out more than $5.

    I'd second the Baili or Weishi comments. Weishi for a TTO, and Baili for a Tech clone. (Baili's TTO's are good, but Weishi is more like the SuperSpeed)
  15. The Weishi TTO can be found on Ebay for anywhere from $5-$20 (US). Model 9306 was my first DE razor, and I find it to be quite usable and even though I've got others that are supposed to be "better" I find that I still get easy shaves from my Weishi. A Razorock Teck II retails for $10 here, don't know what the cost would be to get one to Australia, but that's another razor that I would strongly recommend.

    Honestly, if you don't want to wade through vintage stuff, my guess is that anything from a real name brand company from $10-$40 will give you a satisfactory start. I'd personally not start with a slant or an open comb.
  16. Id go with a Weishi or a VDH. Both are good, cheap razors that will give you a good shave. If you wanted to step up to something a bit nicer, Id go with an EJ DE89.
  17. RazoRock Teck II is a Baili, and orderable from China, so Ebay AU would probably have them, if not, AliExpress definitely does. Same with the RazoRock DE. That's also a Baili.

    VDH is an American brand, don't know if it's available in AU. That's _also_ a baili, as I recall.
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    Razorock HD if it's available. $17.95USD
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    According to Leisureguy & Mantic59, the Van Der Hagen and the MicroTouch One are both re-branded Weishi 9306.

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