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Best cheap bourbon or whiskey

Granted its a Canadian blended whiskey, not a burbon...but I find R&R to be a real contender in a decent to good tasting bottom shelf whiskey. It can be had for as little as 9.99 per 750ml here. It really comes into its own with just a splash of water and 1 or 2 cubes.
I did a fun, non-scientific tasting of budget bourbons a few years back. It's old enough that the formatting in the thread is a little messed up, but you can check it out here:
Bottom Shelf Bourbon Taste-Off
And yes, Benchmark fared pretty well.
Spang, I just finished the above referenced thread. Awesome. Thanks for pointing to it. I am glad to see I am not alone in enjoying low cost bourbon.
Old Crow is solid. And inexpensive. Sure, I prefer Evan Williams in flavor, but Old Crow gets the point across in fewer letters and dollars.
Bourbon is just plain good. Compared to American non-bourbon and Canadian, there is tons of flavor even in the bottom shelf.


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Rittenhouse, Jim Beam, and Old Overholt all are good rye whiskeys that stand right up against more expensive choices.
My favorites are Islay single-malts, but I always have a 1.75L bottle of Old Crow on hand. There's just something about it for mixing an old-fashioned, or on the rocks straight, that makes me glad it's in my cabinet.
For me it's Old Forester 86 or Wild Turkey 101 in the sub-$20 range. I prefer Buffalo Trace, but it's a step up in price (over $20).

I've tried Four Roses Yellow Label, but I remember it being too lightly flavored / border-line watered down tasting. I much preferred Single Barrel, though that is over a $20 jump in price. Never tried Small Batch.

I did not like Evan Williams Black.


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If you allow "cheap scotch" to be included ...

Evan Williams , Jim Beam and Wild Turkey 101 were always post hunting favorites. And I not had a DROP since 1988.
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