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Best bowl for soap


i lather in a bowl, the VDH bowl that came with my introductory kit. My favorite soap is TOBS sandalwood, but I hate cutting it down to fit the VDH bowl. It looks like the TOBS bowl is a wooden thing just big enough to hold the soap with no room for lather.

Any suggestions for something to replace the VDH bowl with that would fit the TOBS soap without shaving the soap down?

You can use anything from a dedicated shaving mug or bowl from a reputable dealer (West Coast Shaving or Bullgoose) to secondhand salsa bowls for under $1. I find miso soup bowls to be a great shape for lathering that also come in a nice variety of materials and decorations. I currently use a 4-5" Japanese bowl with dragons on it.
I got one of the bowls from Maggard's. But honestly any bowl of similar size will work well. Old soup bowls can work very well and the cheap metal bowls from Ikea (about $1) work just as well.
I got a great stainless steel bowl with a non-skid blue rubber ring on the bottom. The vendor? Pet Supplies Plus! It's really supposed to be a small dog food/water bowl. It's made by a company called Durapet, but it works fantastically for whipping up shaving lather. I have bought one for my son too. We've used them every day for years, and they look brand new. I have the 12 oz. bowl. Here's photo for your consideration:

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