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Best Boar brush

Just thinking about checking out a boar brush. Got a couple in mind. What do you guys suggest?
Out of the three I have, I really like the Semogue 2000. It has a really nice backbone to it and has a nice dense knot, but it really soften up nicely once you have used it for a while. It took a bit longer to break in compared to my other two boars, but it was well worth it in my opinion.
There are a lot of options here. What are you looking for in a boar brush? I like my Semogue 1305 and my Boreal 976.
As with many things in life, there are too many variables to call something simply the best with any accuracy.

If you like scrubby, Boreals are awesome, and super dense!
Semogue 2000 or 1305 are really loved by all
So is the Omega 310XX series.
I have gotten some great lather from my Omega. It was a bit larger than I thought, but the large handle allows for some awesome lather application. Stiff, but not too stiff, and only $9! (save shipping)
I will say that any Omega or Semogue will be a great boar brush. It all depends on whether you want a big one or a little one. And if you want it with the faux badger sketching. I am sure you will love whatever you get (just give it time to 'break in' though).
Well guys I ordered me a Semogue 2000. Looking forward to the boar side of things. May need some more info once I get started. I have only used Badgers. (Vulix & B&BE). I am more into soaps now, cuz they seem to be slicker. Thanks
Great work. You will love the Semogue. After a while, you should add an Omega and a Boreal to your collection. Enjoy. I really think the Boreal 976 is in a class by itself. Incredibly dense.
"Best" is a very subjective term but from my experience the Omega #10065 ($10-12) is hard to beat at any price. I think, with time, the 24 mm x 65 mm Golden Nib boar knotted brush I just finished restoring will be great as well. It holds a lot of water and once it softens a bit it will get even better.
I am finding that I really like my Vulfix (2199) boar more than my Omega (21139). The Vulfix does not have a very dense knot, but it is very soft, needs no break in, and makes great lather. The Omega just seems to be a little too much brush for me.

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