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Best blades?

Just got an old Gillette from my dad, gotta be at least 50 years old, as I can remember him shaving with it when I was just a kid...........

Anyway, need to know the best blades to get for it. I can strop/hone/polish them, but might as well start off with something good.


Welcome Rich. Sounds like you have a piece of personal history there. Nice. Search around and you will find lots of info on DE blades. If you don't mind mail-ordering, a lot of us use Merkur blades which are very good indeed. You can find them at lots of places, including QED and Classic Shaving. You can sometimes find Wilkinson blades locally, which aren't bad either. Avoid the Gillette's you will find locally - they are trash. Lastly, Feathers are extremely sharp (also a mail-orer item), but are not for the novice.

Hope this helps, and feel free to keep on askin'

great advice above me here...just to add there are some pretty good blades sold on ebay by a guy (dohkey or something like that) pretty good blades...israeli personna, so i am told....100 of them...so if you get 5 shaves a blade that is good for 500 days...not bad for what he charges...

your fathers razor..that is special...very special....

while most of us will buy someone else's razor, you have one passed to your...i have my great grandfathers str8 and shaving mug...display only...

ask questions,,,we'll help...

mark the shoeshine boy
Which DE razor do you have? If you're not sure post a picture of it and I'm certain one of our members will be able to tell you what it is. Do you know how to clean and care for it? With proper cleaning and a little TLC you can pass it on to your son someday and it will still shave like new.

Oh! To answer your question about the blades. If you have never shaved with a DE before get the Wilkinson blades. They will do a good job and give you an introduction in DE shaving. If you like what you experience than by all means move on to the sharper blades such as the Merkur, Feather, and Israeli blades mentioned by other members.

Tony Espo
I would order the Merkur blades. They hold up well. I replace mine once a week. However, please think about cleaning the razor and putting it away as a keepsake and get yourself a new D/E.
Here's a pic:

Backside says "Gillette" in lower left corner, w/"Trade" on left, "Mark" on right. Upper right says "Made in USA"

Thanks for all the help.


Like slprl, Merkur blades get the job done well for me too.

If you are interested in a new razor (it's really your call either way), http://qedusa.com has the Merkur HD for 28 I think.

Another vote for Merkur razors and Merkur blades. I'd probably display your razor somewhere. I would likely shave with it once to say I'd shaved with my dad's razor. I try to shave at least once with every double edge razor I own.


Yes, I believe that's the one.

I recommend however (if a new razor is really the route you want to go), you do some research first:

Joel's DE Buyer's Guide
Ron's Merkur Comparison Pics

Those are two great links to start out with.

The most important thing I think, is that you go with what you feel is best (whether that's a new razor, or your father's). That's one of the best parts of wet shaving, finding that magical combo that works for you.

A35335 said:
Just got an old Gillette from my dad, gotta be at least 50 years old, as I can remember him shaving with it when I was just a kid...........

Anyway, need to know the best blades to get for it. I can strop/hone/polish them, but might as well start off with something good.


In my opinion, the Feather blades are the best you can get, but since you're new to this I suggest you hold off until you get your sea legs.

You may be able to use the second best blades without a problem. They would be foreign Gillette blades from here http://www.auravita.com/products/AURA/GILL12120.asp. These are like the old Gillettes. I think they're made in sweden.
roughrider said:
I personally wouldn't shave with it. It would hold personal value to me.
To me, if I really value a razor personally, I restore it to the best possible condition and use it. The act of using the razor makes it so much more meaningful than stashing it in a draw or even displaying it. If it was my father's, especially if he's deceased, it would establish a new connection to him. I can't imagine it being more meaningful than that.


I've got three Gillettes like that one, including a short handle version. They shave pretty decently, but I prefer slightly newer (as in the 50's/60's) Gillette Adjustables and SuperSpeeds.

If you have your heart set on using your dad's old razor, don't let anyone try and talk you out of it. If the razor's mechanically sound, then it can shave your face if you're willing to put in the effort to learn how to get the most out of it.

As far as blades go, I know I'll catch hell for suggesting it, but just go to your local grocery store, drugstore, etc. and buy their store-brand blades if they have them. They'll be Personnas more than likely and I've had a lot of success with them. Of course everyone else here will probably say they suck, and that you'd be better off shaving with a box-cutter, but we're all entitled to our own opinions. :smile:

Rich, your dads razor is a 3 piece razor and unless you cross tread it when you put it back together it can't be hurt. So if you want to shave with it by all means do. I agree that Personna (drug store) blades will do well to get you started. If you don't want to clean it up and use it, but you want to try DE shaving, PM me with your mailing address and I will send you a nice used but clean Gillette barn door razor for free and I'll give you a few good blades to try with it. It's my way of saying welcome to wetshaving and happy holidays.

Tony Espo

That's a generous offer. Rich I would definitely take him up on it if you are interested in wet shaving.

Welcome aboard! While I'd love to heckle you, I haven't even tried the Personnas yet, so I suppose it'd be a little disingenuous of me. :wink:

That razor is quite a bit older than 50 - more like 90!

If this is your first DE, don't judge the shave of a newer DE from trying this one. The real old models can have a harsher shave.

The oldest Gillette I'd recommend is the "New Standard" model from the 1930's. I think it's the first model to have a slot instead of holes. The head is fairly hefty. They're fairly common, so they're not expensive, but it may not be easy to find one with the finish intact.
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