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Best Blade for Rocca R94 V4?

I recently received my Rocca R94 V4 and it came with only one Muhle blade, I love the razor looks and feels better in person. shaved a couple of times with it and have been really impressed Nice efficient shave not too aggressive Great blade feel and sound. It is time for a new blade and was wondering what has worked well in the Rocca? i have a medium beard and medium skin sensitivity.
Thank you for the reply will give them a try, being relatively new are these sharper blades or more medium sharp work best in Rocca
Great razor. I find my R94 does well with the blades I use. I never tried the Muhle blade that came with it.

Wilkinson Sword (German)
Astra SP
Lord Platinum
7'oclock black
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....I have a medium beard and medium skin sensitivity.
Any blade from the P&G facility in St Petersburg is worth trying but certainly Astra SP, Astra SS, Nacet, Gillette Silver Blue or Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge should be on your list.
Astra SS, Nacet, Gillette Silver Blue, BIC Astor SS.
tips if you have found the right blade you will see that the blade does not have to make a noise. The noise from the blade is a warning that the blade is not stiff or sharp enough.
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