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Best belt

Iv owned pretty close to 50 belts , and a lot of brand names like Dickies or Nike. It is very hard to find a decent belt that will last , but in my opinion ..... IMG_20200427_220336.jpg
The military dress uniforms , are the most stylish and by far most reliable belts ....

Probably a synthetic or offbrand that doesn't require brasso!

Anyway what's your opinion , what's your favorite ... Any runner ups / challengers ???
Those cotton military issue belts are a classic to be sure - I have had plenty of them!

In general I like a single-piece full-grain 1.5" wide leather belt; preferably with the buckle mounted using Chicago-bolts or saddle-stitched. Something like this. H.N. Williams Store :: Clothing Accessories :: Amish Full Grain Leather Belt, Dark Brown - https://www.hnwilliams.com/Amish-Full-Grain-Leather-Belt-Dark-Brown.html

I'm not a fan of topgrain or split-leather or corrected or reconstituted leather or any of the other types of belts where bits and pieces are glued/pressed/molded together and look good for a couple of months until they start to self-destruct.


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I only use high quality leather belts, both in casual and elegant style - depending on the outfit. They are not cheap, but they do not deteriorate over time (some even look better as they age) and they last a lifetime.
Man, I used to have all kinds of problems with belts. Used to. If I may, I’d tell you to look to a gun belt if you want a quality leather belt that‘ll last.

So I’m in no way affiliated with these people, Bigfoot, but I own two of their belts going on 5 or 6 years now and let me tell you, awesome. They look as good as the day I bought them.

Note they are internally lined with metal to ensure they don’t deform via the weight of a gun. Hence there is two slabs of leather sandwiching a metal core.

I can’t recommend them enough. I’m thinking of their suspenders next lol!
I used to have the same experience with belts until I bought a Saddleback Leather belt. As the saying goes, they'll be fighting over it when you're gone. This thing is a top quality belt that hasn't deteriorated in 7 years.

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Main St. Forge (Sells on Amazon)

I was tired of belts splitting, cracking, and hardware fails after a month or two. These belts are sturdy and the best as far as I'm concerned!!

As a retired LE, I always found that the best belts were made by the custom holster makers

My best is one he made for me with a tapering to 1 1/4 inch : looked like a normal dress belt.

made my belt about 15 years ago. Cost about $99 then. And of course, I have one of his IWB for several of my pistols. His ARG is a favorite of mine.
Macbeth is spot on re a quality leather belt that will last years- custom holster makers.

For Nylon, I like the Wilderness brand. It is a tried and true solution in the tactical/LE/EMT world. Made in AZ, USA. They frankly have forgotten more about cutting and sewning Nylon than some companies ever knew.

A relative newcomer, Mastermind Tactics does a very simple, exceptionally well made Nylon belt as well. Made in the USA as well.


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Since finding these guys, I haven't bought a belt anywhere else.

I am particularly fond of the Bakers of Colyton range.

Expensive, but worth it!!



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I'm in the market. Glad I stumbled upon this. I think my wife needs a nice gun belt in my size for mother's day!

I mean, she IS the main reason I carry, right?
I used to really have this problem. The issue is the way too many cheap/expensive belts are either sewn together or have glued pieces which invariably split / dethread after a few years. The argument apparently is the softer lined piece feels better but the last time I checked my jeans don't have feelings :/ This happens whether you spend 10 bucks or 100 bucks. 6-7 years ago I finally found a solid single piece unlined black belt from Ted Baker (brit. store). There is nothing to come apart unsew/rip on it and looks good as new because of the aforementioned reason. Simple, Solid, Black.
My favorite by far are Mission belts. No holes - the belts adjust by 1/4 inch increments by ridges that click securely in the buckle. They are good quality and every type of style or color you’d like. Dress and causal. The casual are kind of sporty looking. They last for years - the first one I got finally developed a crack after what had to be over 8 years of pretty solid use. You can interchange the belts and buckles (although I don’t). My wife gets me a new one every couple of years for Xmas and now I have around 4. Plus they donate $1 from each belt sold to poverty and hunger causes. Cool company. Recommend highly.