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Best Beard Oil & Balm?

I don't see why not. There will be women who are knowledgeable on the topic and some who aren't, but I think that's true of men as well. Knowledge is gender agnostic.

I agree. If a woman does the research and/or is around men with beards she could be more knowledgeable than a lot of men. It all comes down to research and trial and error. If a woman is making beard products and has men test them and give feedback the formula can be adjusted and she can make a great beard product.
Honest Amish Oil during the day, Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Oil at night. I make sure to brush them in well with a boar hair military brush, and I haven't had any breakouts, itching, or dandruff issues for the past month I've been using them. I am actually really happy to have my beard now that I'm actually taking care of it.

I really like the idea of cheap, effective, and locally sourced. So it breaks down like this in my region of the US:

Honest Amish Oil- $13 for 2oz at Walmart
Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Oil - ~$3 for 2oz at Walmart or Dollar General or Sally's

YMMV on how long it lasts for you, but 2oz of either should last you a good long while, unless you're bathing in it.
Hey, guys. Can you rely on a woman's opinion when she's talking about men's stuff? My girlfriend saw few reviews on oils, vitamins, balms and other stuff for beards that was posted just recently on some "Monica's blog" and now nagging me that I totally have to get vitamins for my beard growth. Mine was never too dense but girl want me to grow it thicker. Should I stick to something that this Monica recommend or maybe someone has tried or heard about something better?
Vitamins arent going to make your hair grow thicker. You have as many hair folices as you have and taking vitamins is only going to make your hair grow faster, not make it grow thicker or make you product more hairs.
If you keep your beard short, its going to be patchy but those patches will fill in as you let it grow out. No matter how thick a man's beard looks when he grows it out, they all have patches in their beard.
Id tell you and your girl to learn the love the beard that you have instead of obsessing over and wishing for some of the big, thick, full beards that you see pictures of.
I've been using beard oil and balm from a local artisan that sells his stuff at the farmers market. I have enough for a few more months.

He recently made a beard wash solution for me. Leaves my beard super soft.