Best Beard Oil & Balm?

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    Honest Amish products for me. I use the oil to get down to the skin, then their original wax for hold. Works great and inexpensive.
  1. Well, I love to go with Mountaineer Beard Oil with Citrus and Spice, one of the most important things it provides is a moisturizer and prevent dandruff, That's is something we all experienced!
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  2. A nice idea, if you want to make your own beard oil is a couple ounces of grapeseed oil mixed with a few drops of Aura Cacia rosemary essential oil. Both are healthy for your skin and beard.
  3. I'm also a fan of Honest Amish. Light scent, good ingredients and just works well. Winter I keep a full beard and summer a Goatee.
  4. Haven’t tried Pre de Provence or Proraso yet, but I’ll bet they’re both superior products. Right now I’m using Cremo Oil, Cream and Balm, and they’re quite good. +1 on Cremo’s Forest Blend. Also, don’t overlook Nancy Boy. Really good stuff
  5. Grave before shave beard oil, balm and wash starter pack.. the scent is amazing on the beard wash. No pulling or feeling as if your beard has been stripped of oils either.
  6. Another satisfied Honest Amish user here!
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    For oil I like Billy Jealousy "Devil’s Delight". I am just starting to play with mustache wax. I used to keep my goatee short, I have really let it grow so I need to keep the stache out of my mouth.
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    For some strange reason I thought you may have had a full beard. :)
  9. I've never used a bad one, but these days I all but exclusively use Honest Amish. Both the balm and the heavy duty balm work well and I love their beard soap. I have not used their oil, but considering the quality of the balm I see no reason to think it wouldn't be as good.
  10. I tried both Honest Amish and Grave Before Shave balms. They are quite different! Honest Amash is like soft butter. Grave Before Shave on the other hand is like wax, I have to dig in a bit to get some balm.

    I got the Bourbon GBS and it smells great.

    I need to try some different kinds of balms. I think I'm using too much Honest Amash as it's half gone already. I do tend to use more product than I've heard others talk about. My beard is pretty thick in the front and I want my comb to go through it smoothly.
  11. I got the Grave Before Shave Vanilla. Also smells great! I think the GBS balms do better with controlling the longer areas of my beard. I actually have been putting a bit of oil in my beard and then using the GBS balm.

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