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Best Beard Oil & Balm?

If you are a newbie to beard Oils and balms (like I was) I would recommend Badass beard care, they have a trail kit for 24.00 with a 6.99 discount when you post something on social media. It gives you about a weeks worth of Oil and balm for 8 or their scents. I think you get more but with the dry weather I have been putting the oil and balm on twice a day. I have not no breakouts from the products which I was worries about.
Never realized they had various products of 63.
Bar soap, shave puck, shaving cream(I have not been too successful with it using a brush), shampoo/body gel, beard oil, AS Balm, EDT, and I am sure I'm missing something. Lots of stuff that don't DQ the 2019 shave purchase sabbatical :badger:.
Through the dice.

On ebay

Najeek_uk is the seller

£6.99 contains all the good stuff, smells amazing and comes in a fantastic spray bottle

They do other scents which are all awesome.
Cremo beard oil or Honest Amish beard balm. When you are talking beard oil, its all pretty much the same thing, so its really all about price and scent.
If I were to do beard oil, it would be Cremo Forest Blend. I love the scent and its only $9.
Duke Cannon's Best Damn Beard Balm seems to soften my moustache well, or it's gotten to a length that it is softer. I think the former, I've never noticed my beard getting softer due to length in the past.

The scent is listed as "Redwood" which is pleasant, but is nothing like redwood to me. Just read ingredients. Orange EO and Sandalwood Amber Fragrance.

I'll have to try Apricot Kernel Oil in my DIY oil to see if it helps soften hair as well.

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Right now, I have oil and balm from Graves Before Shaves, Mod Cabin, Honest Amish, and a bottle of Trumper's beard oil. I like all of them. Maybe the best ones I've used were leave-in moisturizers from Stubble'n'Stache and Murdoch.


I love mad viking beard oil and balm. I also love bossman stagecoach oil and balm. And third is nicholas beard works from Amazon. I just started using his oil and balm and it is quickly becomming my favorite.