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Best Beard Oil & Balm?

I apologize in advance for opening subjectivity and Pandora's Box. I'd like to hear what people think is the best brand of beard oil and balm. I'm new to having a beard and would like some advice.
I have a horrible addiction to Honest Amish beard balm. Easy to work with, softens hair nicely, smells great, absorbs fully into beard - not oily.


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I've not used enough different brands to develop a preference so far. Both the Proraso and the Beardology oils seem to work about the same to me. Haven't tried any balms at all. I will say the Beardology Sandalwood is pretty heavy on the vanilla portion, more so than I'd prefer.
I really enjoy Natural Man bay lime beard oil and Clubman beard conditioner and recommend both. I typically use a drop of oil in the morning, a little goes a long way for me, and I use the conditioner at night. Both are good ways to test the water so to speak. You can get the Clubman beard conditioner for around $6 at places like Sally's and other barber supply stores. I got the Natural Man beard oil off of amazon and its like $15 for 4 oz. which is alot of product for your money compared to other oils. I've only been using products for about a month or so and I've noticed that my beard is softer and I don't have flaking or dry skin anymore. Let us know what you end up getting.
I've tried several, including Grave Before Shave/Fisticuffs, Dollar Beard Club, Bad *** Beard Care, Clubman, Beard Brand, Black Rebel Beard Co, and The Bearded Bastard.

My go to supply consists of Black Rebel Beard Company and The Bearded Bastard. These are both excellent, lightweight oils with excellent scents. Bearded Bastard has amazing mustache wax and Black Rebel has amazing balm. I use Black Rebel balm as a mustache wax on days when it isn't super important to be "neat". Bearded Bastard wax keeps my 'stache looking good even after a long day at work that consists of stoking fireplaces and stoves and working outside in the rain, wind and snow...

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Can anyone recommend a beard oil or balm that doesn't cause breakouts? That seems to be my issue with beard treatments. Thanks.
I've never had a breakout, be it rash or acne, after using a beard product.

Look for something that doesn't contain ANY petroleum products, and contains no alcohols.
I am new to having my own beard and mustache. Can someone point me to a thread that discusses the function/purpose of beard oil?
I've used a few different beard oils, as well as aftershave balms, and all work well. However, my favorite products are leave-in conditioners: Garnier Fructis and Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil. The Garnier product is lighter and good for daily use, and the Shea Moisture is great for those very dry, very cold days.
I am a regular shaver due to work requirements. I have recently grown a beard while off work for paternity leave and purchased a package from Grave Before Shave and have enjoyed all of their products. My kit came with their beard wash, oil, balm, and a brush. All of them have been high quality. I may continue to purchase their beard wash as a shampoo after returning to work because I have enjoyed it so much (I have very short hair and require little shampoo).
I've never tried a balm, but oils work well for me. I mostly use WSP, but have tried a few other samples. They all seem to work about the same for me. The biggest difference seems to be the scent and scent longevity. WSP makes some great scents that stick around for hours. Capt Fawcett's is amazing, but has a price to match.

I will add that I do have somewhat oily skin to begin with. During the summer months if my beard is less than an inch or two I stop using oil or my skin breaks out.
I'm partial to Hoot's Natural Beard Balm as well as jojoba and beard oils from Leven Rose, all available on amazon.
I have tried quite a few products over the years. I was hooked on 1740 for awhile as it has great hold but I find as you grow, mow, and show your beard it has a tendency to "learn" as now I do not require as much hold and do much better with a lighter balm such as grave before shave. I apply beard balm 5 days a week and the other two days I use beard oil. Grave before shave makes a good oil also but I have found a lot less difference in these products than balms. Go with price and scent when it comes to oil.

Another important part of beard maintenance is using an appropriate soap. I started off using soaps from 1740 but then just used mild artisan soaps. I used these soap to wash my beard, my face, bald head and also as a pre-shave soap. Makes a world of difference.
Until recently my mustache/goatee was pretty short.
I used my how brew oil mixture to avoid skin issues, which worked really well (and also smells pretty good).
Last few weeks, I let my goatee get longer and the oil wasn't doing the trick anymore.
So I decided to try out a balm to see if that works for me, before buying ingredients for a homebrew experiment.
I bought the Proraso balm and it does work nicely :) ... it has a cool/fresh feeling when applying and a nice scent also.
Lets see how long before the bottle is empty. Price was moderate, certainly not as expensive as most beard oils.