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Best AS Gel for Travel

I'm looking for a gel for travel purposes. I'm looking for something that absorbs rather quickly and provides decent relief from irritation (e.g., shaving after being in the sun.) Bonus points for citrus, lavender, or mint scents.

I've got a bottle of Body Shop Maca Root and Aloe AS Gel. I like the performance but don't really like the aquatic scent too much. I'll use this up, but was on the lookout for a replacement.

Some possibilities include Nancy Boy gel and Esbjerg gel. I've used the NB gel a while ago but my recollection was that it didn't absorb quickly. I may have to try it again. Esbjerg seems expensive and hard to get, but I'd look into it if people recommend it.

Another thought was Baxter of California AS Balm which comes in a tube. Would that be something that would be a good alternative to a gel for travel?

Let me know your thoughts and any other suggestions you may have.
Sir bobmsp, easy peasy answer.
Find your fav gel and re-pot to a small plastic tub!!
Travels great!
Have a super trip!

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I've tried a number of gels and balms, and I was very surprised by how well garden variety Nivea Post-shave balm performs in terms of both hydration and rapid drying.

As a bonus, it is also quite thin and pours easily.

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