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Best Adjustable Injector?

I'm interested in trying injectors and want to get an adjustable. I had a Merkur Progress that gave very good shaves, but it took me 5-6 times of adjusting the blade each time I loaded it before I could get even blade exposure. Just too much "slop" in the tolerance on the posts of the top plate and the holes in the base plate.

For injectors I'm trying to decide between the Supply Pro, Parker Injector v3, and a Schick M adjustable (I found some NOS listed on EBay for near the same price as the Parker). Which one would be the best to try? I currently use a Edwin Jagger DE-89 and a Rockwell 6C on plate 3, both with Gillette Nacet blades. They give good shaves, but it takes 3 to get to DFS+. My hope is that an adjustable injector might make for an easier shave.
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