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Best 3 DE razors of the last 5 years

1) Aluminum Karve -

Simply the finest DE I have used in 20 years wet shaving. Not the Stainless or Brass. Aluminum. Light & nimble allowing for pressure resulting in the smoothest, closest shaves available.

2) Wolfman TI WR2 .95 -

Wonderful smooth daily shaver.

3) Paradigm 17-4 -

Classic DE that delivers a great shave every time.

Are you saying lighter razors allow for more pressure thus bettering the shave?
The way the Artisans are releasing products, 5 years seems like a long lookback !

I think the best thing happening in the last 5 years (2015 onwards since we are in early Jan 2021) is the variety of stainless steel / Brass / Aluminum razors in the market from ATT, Razorock, Timeless, Karve, Blackland, SS Rex ambassador Brass Pearl Flexi which are CNC milled. SS Supply / Rockwell which are injection molded.

Stainless Steel / Brass / Aluminum Razors have upped the game in sub $100 as well as higher price points. I rate Rockwell, Karve and Razorock in the value for money releases.
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At this time I would say the three best I have ever used so far are the H & S PO76 in titanium, the Tatara Masamune and the Feather ASD2. Other contenders are the 2020 paradigm diamondback , the 2020 rocnel sailor and the PILS. I have the wolfman wr2 next on my sights so my list of the best ever may change in order in the future.
There's plenty awesome and expensive razors but if I would rate on finish efficiency and price these would be my top 3 so far

Razorock Game Changer
Karve christopher bradley
Rockwell 6S/6C
1. Karve CB

2. Rockwell

3. Game Changer

My very favorite razor is the Timeless , but I wasn't sure if it met the "last five years" criterion.
1) Henson (both Aluminum and the new Titanium version) (no razor producer machines to .005 inch tolerances)
2) Razorock Lupo (both Aluminum and the newest Stainless Steel versions)
3) Razorock Game Changer (both .68 and .84 plates)
H&S NO75. A razor that defines mild but efficient. So smooth, and with a sharp blade will give a glass shave. And do so with ease.
Razorock 2nd generation Lupo .72- very nice mid range, good design and quality workmanship .

Razorock game changer - mid range <. Very nice to handle on face with good quality control. I like to use a Kai SS blade IMO.

Oneblade Core Version 2- mild razor. They use a Proprietary blade FHS-10. I get a real good 3 pass shaves with no irritation or weepers, good daily driver.
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