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Best 2020 soaps? (lather wise)

Funny how different skin types will affect our responses. I’ve seen a few Razorock votes, but it dries out my skin pretty bad. Tabac is awesome performance, as are PdP and the old l’occitane Cade. Captains Choice is also working really well for me.
I need to make an immediate change to my list because I tried Ethos Lisse collection soap for the first time today and it is clearly the best shaving soap so far that I have tried.

It lathers easily with a almond sized amount, and is slick and offers protection during he shave and feels good to the skin. Furthermore it washes off more easily than WK siero base. The best part is - the lavender scent is probably the best scent of any shaving soap I have tried so far.

So far among the soaps I have tried...

1. Wholly kaw siero base
2. Declaration grooming milsteak base
3. Ariana & Evan's kaizen base
4. Martin de candre
5. Barrister & mann excelsior base
6. Extro cosmesi
7. Pannacrema Nuavia
8. Cella
9. TOBS sandalwood
In this order:

1. Zingari Man (Sego)
2. BM Reserve
3. Murphy McNeil (Aon)
4. SV 4.3
5. Tie: PAA ck6 & A&E Kaizen

When I shave with straights (95%), I'm pretty sensitive to the soap bases. For me, I always get the best shaves from ZM (Sego), with BM reserve coming in close second. Just tried Kaizen after all the hoopla, it's good, but not as good as everyone says it is. But can't go wrong with any listed...
For rich lather I still like TOBS. But I’ve found that it’s not all about the lather. A poor lather with The Fat still beats the heck out of the best lather with any other soap.
IMO, there are a lot of soaps that generate high quality lather. For me, some of my favorites are:

Grooming Dept
Declaration Grooming
Viking Shaving Soaps
RazoRock the Dead Sea/Santa Maria del Fiore

A great group of soaps...they all shave great kudos to you!Mosy guys on here try to spend almost nothing and get good but not grat shaving soaps.....you did it right!

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