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Best 1990's scent.

Ungaro 1, I wore it on my wedding day 13 years ago and I still have a large ammount left. I wear it every anniversary for my wife. The last time I checked for it on ebay the same bottle was up to 300 bucks. Unfortunatly its discontinued and the ungaro 3 has replaced it, which is another good one my wife likes as well.

I'm gonna have to go with Brut Actif Blue. I have never found an aquatic that smells quite like it. It was my favorite scent of the period. Sad. They only produced it from '94-'97. It was cheap but I always really loved it.

In that same vein I also love Coty's Gravity and Fahrenheit.
This was my all time favorite scent. Sadly discontinued. Got more compliments with this than any other.
I don't think Red for Men is discontinued. I saw it at Ross the other day. I had it in my hand to buy it until I saw the massive weekend checkout line. I put it back.
Not sure if these are really 80's scents but I wore them then and through the 90's so, for me, they count.

Fahrenheit (released 1988)
Lagerfeld Classic (the original one - 1978)
Tuscany (1984)

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L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme, released in 1994. I wore it until I was sick of it in the 1990s. An excellent and important scent.

As Cwtan12 says, Le Male should likely be there, too. Highly popular and influential. I never loved it.
Cool Water was my one and only scent for the early to mid 90s. It came out in '88 but I remember it as belonging to the 90s. Polo Sport did come out in the 90s and to me it has a very 90s-vibe to it.


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I really never wore any scents, much, until recently. Just whatever I got for Christmas, etc. I do however remember buying Aspen, I think it was called, shortly after I got married. It was not real offensive, lol. Today it's mostly vintage Avon or Brut.