Best 1990's scent.

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    Trussardi and Oleg Cassini...
  1. Safari by Ralph Lauren
  2. Paul Sebastian
  3. Nautica competition in the blue metal bottle
    Polo extreme sport
    Ck be
    Hugo boss with the cap tether
  4. I didn't use it when it was released in the early 90s, but I am quite fond of Paloma Picasso's Minotaure.
  5. Polarbeard

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    JPG Le Male
  6. Only Cologne I remember wearing back then was Jovan Musk for Men
  7. This was my all time favorite scent. Sadly discontinued. Got more compliments with this than any other.
  8. Ungaro 1, I wore it on my wedding day 13 years ago and I still have a large ammount left. I wear it every anniversary for my wife. The last time I checked for it on ebay the same bottle was up to 300 bucks. Unfortunatly its discontinued and the ungaro 3 has replaced it, which is another good one my wife likes as well.

  9. I'm gonna have to go with Brut Actif Blue. I have never found an aquatic that smells quite like it. It was my favorite scent of the period. Sad. They only produced it from '94-'97. It was cheap but I always really loved it.

    In that same vein I also love Coty's Gravity and Fahrenheit.
  10. I don't think Red for Men is discontinued. I saw it at Ross the other day. I had it in my hand to buy it until I saw the massive weekend checkout line. I put it back.

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