Best 1990's scent.

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    I started wearing Obsession in 1990, based purely on loving the scent in men's and women's versions.

    Second choice is Joop.
  1. early 90s - you couldn't walk 5 feet without smelling Drakkar Noir on someone

    late 90s - Versace Blue Jeans... Polo Sport...CK1
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  2. I wore Drakkar Noir and Calvin in the early 90's. Neither is a "90's" scent - I believe my only actual 90's fragrance is Perry Ellis 360, and I'm not sure that I'll replace it once it's done. It's nice but not crucial for a fragrance wardrobe.
  3. Dunhill Desire

    Zino Davidoff


    Polo Explorer
  4. Curve
  5. '90s I was wearing Grey Flannel, Polo and Nautica.
  6. Preferred Stock
    I'm cheap butt now and I was a cheap butt then.
  7. Polo Green
  8. JOOP!
  9. Tail end of the 90s for me: Abercrombie Woods
  10. This! Even though google says it is an 80s (1980s!) scent.

    Walked into a men's bathroom in a pub the other day and they still have the same 90s vending machine: Drakkar Noir, condoms, and tylenol.
  11. Bhugo

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    It was my late 80’s early 90’s scent for sure.
  12. Versace Dreamer is great!
  13. Egoiste Platinum.

    Was the first bottle of fragrance I purchased. Duty free don’t you know. Wore it all through university.
  14. Cologne Sologne or Cologne Cedrat.
  15. Boss Bottled Original

    Green woody vanilla.
  16. CK Eternity was my go to 90's cologne

    Also liked Lucky Man and Eddie Bauer
  17. Antaeus (1980’s)( wore in early 90’s )
    Issy myaki
  18. The Original BOSS in the rectangular bottle. One drop and they could smell you in another time zone.
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