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Best 1990's scent.

I've read a lot of threads covering 80's scents. What fragrance do you remember wearing the most in the 90's? Mine was cool water. Wore so much of it I can't stand the stuff now.
I didn't wear any of these at the time, but I love and frequently wear these 90s fragrances:
Chanel Egoiste
Creed Millesime Imperiale
Creed Silver Mountain Water
Dolce &Gabbana Pour Homme
Versace The Dreamer


The OP said he was wearing Cool Water in the ´90s, and he’s asking what we were wearing then, so the answer seems quite obvious.
For me, I began wearing perfumes in 1995, and it was Minotaure.

all that is "current affairs" in my frame of reference, being closer to age 100 than age 40!

williams zowada michelson bay rum rubberset english fern aug 26 2014.jpg
Salvador Dali
Pierre Cardin
Paco Raban

Just to name a few....good times....
Polo Sport was the first full bottle of fragrance that I tore through. I purchased it while in high school in about 2001, though it is a 90's frag. I liked it but now have Cool Water and Polo Blue to satisfy my fragrance wardrobe for the warmer weather months....I just may look for it when Polo Blue runs dry.
I would say Creed Green Irish Tweed was my favourite in the 90s bus I couldn't afford it as a poor student.

I was wearing these in the 90s:
Calvin Klein Eternity
Paco Rabanne XS
Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male
Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme