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Benzyl Alcohol- A Drying Agent?

Hey all, I just finished a shave with TOBS Almond. This cream is wickedly easy to lather and smells great! I notice the cream on the other half of my face seems to dry as I work my way over. I checked the ingredient list and noticed it contains a small amount of Benzyl Alcohol. Does anyone have any experience with this type of alcohol and if it causes drying. I also have sensitive skin and I try to avoid any drying agents (this was the first ever cream I've bought and was an impulse buy!). Thanks, fellas
Be sure to add enough water to your lather. TOBS sometimes looks good when it is still a bit dry.

Benzyl alcohol can be a skin irritant or allergen, which is why it is listed and controlled. TOBS should conform to EU directives, so the concentration should be 1% or less. In that concentration I would be surprised if it has any drying effect on your skin. I think it is there as a preservative.
Ah, yes. I noticed it was one of the last ingredients listed, which vary with concentration. Thank you for your reply mblakele
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