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Bent but not broken, as they say

A picture tells the story.

The primary reason our popular line of copper lather bowls was developed a few years ago was from customer feedback. Every once in a while a customer would purchase a ceramic bowl and jot us a note. "The cat knocked my lather bowl off the counter - again! Have you ever thought about making an unbreakable one?" That took six months but our copper bowl was worth it. Customers love them for home use as well as for travel. The ladies love it for how cool it looks on the counter. One customer wrote to say his wife wanted it to put a plant in it (!!!) since it went with the decor in the living room.

I had always viewed them as indestructible and indeed they are. Undoubtedly many have taken a tumble and gone right back to work. This one hit the floor at just the wrong angle and has a bend to it now. The customer wrote to say it fell three feet to the tile floor. Mind you, this is the Heavyweight copper bowl - very substantial. Honestly, it surprises me that it has a kink in it now. I suggested to him that he wrap the portion that is bent in a towel and bend it back with pliers. No word on what the tile looked like...

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