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"Below The Belt" 1970's aerosol

I have a distant memory as a kid of seeing (briefly) in drugstores around 1970 an aerosol "intimate" deodorant spray for men; a sort of male equivalent to FDS which was then just recently on the market.
So help me, the stuff was called "Below The Belt," and was made by one of the men's hair spray manufacturers, either Command or Consort.
The product didn't last long, maybe just the "test market" phase, but I can't find any trace of its existence anywhere online. Would love to see a photo of an ad or a can of the product itself, just to prove I'm not hallucinating! Anyone who has anything, please post here.
(Online searches lead only to a current company by that name, which deals now in the same type of product. Guess the original was just ahead of its time!)
Never heard of it but appreciate their effort. I use a tea tree oil/mint/menthol body wash to keep the boys clean and fresh. (That's the only place I wash with it... Oil of Olay everywhere else) Can't vouch for how they smell but its a very refreshing wash and mentally i feel better about it :)
That's hysterical... I use a soap/wash vs an after shower thing. I like How they say it's great for long flights... I fly a lot but rarely have never needed to worry about that level of freshness. :). (I may need to change airlines!)
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