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We have some pictures that document the making of our copper lather bowls that I thought you all would enjoy. They are a work of art, created one at a time by hand and providing jobs in a factory. This shows the impact in the lives of others that a small business with customers can have. We thank each of you for helping to make this possible.










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If I ever drop my ceramic CC lather bowl I will have to pick one of these up ,
Love my ceramic
My thoughts exactly! I don't really need two, but man I like the look of the copper.

Thanks for sharing Captain, very cool. Never been disappointed with anything from your shop.
I use mine every time I shave and it's the only one I use.

Thank you for creating such a high quality and useful product and sharing the cool (but hot really) photos!
Great pics! Love my Copper Bowl, I sold all of my other bowls except a Stone one from a military gentleman brought back from Afghanistan.
They are a great product. It fits my hand very nicely & is easy to hold; the logo is a great index for your thumb. One of the many great products that the Captain has available!
Beautiful bowl. The product, the character and impact of the company (see OP and "our cause" on captains choice home page for examples), nothing short of inspirational. I am taken aback.