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Beginner must trys

Growing up my mother always made it every morning so I hated the smell. Now I’m in college and a friend recently gave me a shot of some Cuban espresso. I know nothing of coffee/tea/espresso/whatever else it’s called. Would you educate me on the types/differences and give some recommendations I must try as a newcomer?
Find a roasting house near you (a cafe that roasts in-house)

Sit down and have a cup of what they have roasted

Do this over and over until you find one that knocks you off your chair. Buy a half pound of that coffee, take it home and brew it. If the taste is radically different than what you were served, post back and we can improve your method to the point that you can not taste any difference.

Start with central American coffees as they are more of the flavor that suits American taste.

Let me know what city you are in and I will see if I can find someone close to you
I’m in Orlando area @Mick
Lucky man.... there are a large number of small artisan roasting houses in Orlando.

Most may be closed as non essential businesses.

Give them a call. Some may be shipping fresh roasted coffee if they are not allowed to be open to the public