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Before Fine there was Superfine

Great score indeed!

By the way, time ago I read that Fine had its soaps reformulated. How is the latest version in terms of performance?
Fine went with a softer soap (croap) only got Italian citrus in the new formulation and like it a lot if I compare the performance with the hard puck of lavender pour homme I've got I'd say its equal in performance
Nemo - I agree ... the retro box art on this one is just terrific.

Trem - I've got a vintage Seaforth to try out first, but after that I'm going to give this one a spin and post my thoughts about the soaps performance.

Marco - I have not tried the reformulated Fine soaps as of yet, but I very much enjoyed using the older hard pucks in the past.
Great image on the box!

Gonna use it? :huh:
If you use it, give us a report. I'm curious now.
I took this one for a test drive last night. What I expected was something similar in performance to vintage Colgate, Williams, Old Spice and Yardley, but that's not what I got.

I put a tablespoon of hot water on the reverse side of the puck and let that sit for ten minutes. I then loaded the brush from the puck while making sure (with a little help from some Cellophane) that the imprinted side remained dry.

The soap easily produced a nice thick and creamy lather, which dissipated almost immediately into a airy mess. I did manage a fast 3 pass shave for a DFS, but it had to be fast because of the instability of the lather.

This was probably an excellent shaving soap when it was first sold, but time and the elements seem to have taken their toll. IMG_1141.JPG

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