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Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2023


Another one from Ayinger. They almost gave it away at my Total Wine; paid less than $2. Ayinger is also the German brewery where Dan Carey of New Glarus Brewing served an apprenticeship.


three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu

Snowy Night S'mores, Variant of Snowy Night

Common Roots Brewing Company

I split a crowler of this stout with my drinking partner. It's a very pleasant beer and an easy drinker. Smooth and a touch sweet. It's not spectacular, but I'd buy it again.

From the brewer: A deliciously decadent Double Stout brewed with vanilla beans, marshmallow, chocolate, graham cracker and lactose. This spin on a dessert classic is a perfect pairing for cool temperatures and warm friendships.


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Winter Skal, Vienna lager from Capital Brewing....

The second beer of 4 from my cross border raid, this was an excellent, daring iteration of what I've come to expect from a Vienna, with a solid hops hit right from the get-go, which settled into a spice taste with a smooth malt finish. Good aroma.

I'm really liking Capital; shares the stage with New Glarus as my favorite Wisconsin brewery.


three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu

To Øl​

Goliat BA​

A towering gargantuan, the great warrior of Gath! The mighty champion of the Philistines and firmly embedded in ancient folklore and religion. Coming from the World of Old. .

NOW, after laying 10 months in Bourbon barrels, he has risen again once more...

Well I don't know about all of that, but this was some really nice stout. ABV 13.7 has me walking a little funny, but it sure tasted great. Highly recommended, even if I have no idea how to pronounce the brewery.
This one was still in the cooler with a half dozen Bud Light aluminum bottles, left over from the weekend’s festivities. The Bud Lights are now next to the hard selzers in the garage refrigerator, waiting for someone other than me to consume them. Night Swim is not a favorite, but it beats Bud Light. Light smoke on the finish.


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The Bud Lights are now next to the hard selzers in the garage refrigerator, waiting for someone other than me to consume them.
You're still having serious refrigerator problems, Rick.....

According to the brewmaster at Point Brewery, this seasonal brown ale was inspired by a dream their quality manager had....


It's become a popular offering, with a nice, nutty finish. This ongoing, never-ending affliction I can't seem to shake has really been twisting the flavors of the few beers I've been drinking. 🤧
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