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Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2023

A nice smooth Belgian Quadruple @ 10.5% ABV tonight
What are the characteristics of this kind of Lager, Don?

I agree with the characteristics outlined in the BJCP Beer Style Guidelines. They describe it as a Classic American Pilsner and an adaptation of continental lagers by German immigrant brewers, using native American grains and hops. It's an adjunct lager, with corn or rice making up about 30% of the mash. Corn can give it a nice, sweet lead on the palate, that really balances, and actually compliments the bitterness from the hops. Usually 5% or higher on the ABV.

I found Supper Club early in the summer of 2022. I usually have to make a good trip to find it, and in general it's a fuller, more robust iteration of what "American" lager has become. Great with food.

I wanted to like it, but....😬

It was just too volatile, with an ongoing alcoholic burn that never faded, and overpowered any flavor that may have been present. I couldn't finish it. More like a sweet distilled spirit than a beer. I'd recommend buying a single if any of you want to try it.

P.S. - The head was light tan, not as white as it appears in the photo.
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