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Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2023

Another Schlenkerla, this time their oak smoked Doppelbock :thumbup:

Little late to the ‘23 BOTD, just as Hurricane Ian delayed the release of Big Storm’s Category 5 Belgian Quintuple aged in French Chardonnay Barrels. It was supposed to be released 10/17/2022, but wasn’t released until the end of the year.
This year’s version is very good. It is a bit sweet, but the barrel is not as pronounced as it was a couple of years ago. Earned another Category Club glass, too! Nice reward and refuel, along with BBQ, after a cool FL morning bike ride!
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I am so stupid... took a few moments to figure out why there are only 2 pages in this thread! Perhaps a nice Barleywine will set me straight. How about a

Boots Brewing "Indubitably "?

"Originally this recipe was our 100th batch and brewed on our 1st Anniversary. We now brew it every anniversary and it is aged until the Holidays. This complex and burly strong ale showcases flavors ranging from honey and toffee to dark fruit and sherry. So grab a top hat and monocle good sir, or madam, and revel in sophistication because this is as spiffy as we get at Boots."

Slightly undercarbed in the crowler, but still mighty enjoyable!

The second bottle of the Unobtainium I was able to score from Oliphant...


The bottle copy. It tells you nothing about the beer, but it's definite proof that comic book/RPG game enthusiasts can brew beer...

Good on the nose, raisin sweet with a warming, barrel-aged presentation. 9%. Not worth the price I paid, but that sometimes happens to loyal fans of the breweries they follow.
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