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Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2023

I missed the trip (w3Rk) out to LaBelle Brewing yesterday. They serve some fine beer and their food is much better than the brewery average. Luckily, they now can Beekeeper, and my wife brought a six home!
My beer refrigerator was annexed by the wife for food storage nonsense, violating a number of international laws. Marital law applies here; a heart-wrenching loss for me 😒...

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I need to revisit this one every once in a while, to remind me just how excellent it really is.
As for our fridge upstairs, I talked her into half of the left side on the very bottom shelf. :)


three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu
Just A Trace from Frog Alley Brewing in Schenectady, NY. Aged in Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels, this Imperial Stout has coffee notes and a smooth finish that make it an easy drink at 10.9%.

It was easy to drink, but no way I could handle two pints. I purchased a 4 pack and can't wait for my BFF drinking partner (and son-in-law) to have a go at the other two. Delicious.
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