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Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2021

It’s the 3rd and this hasn’t been started yet?! Maybe there’s some dry January action going on...

Anyways, just had one of these with a quesadilla at lunch.


This. I think we've all been standing around with our hands in our pockets, kicking dirt and waiting for someone else to do the deed.....
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I was a little harsh on this one the first time. Maybe I was in a bad mood. The honey came to the front this time around.
Eh, in the Brown Leaf we've had a cigar or pipe of the day thread going for years. Have a never ending thread 🤣

Amazing what a second taste can do. Can smoke the same cigar four times and it hits all the notes you want it to. Smoke it the fifth and it just doesn't. Was it your mood? Did you eat something that set it weird? Did you drink some else before it? Was a butterfly fluttering it's wings in Mexico? Who knows.
^^^Perfect glass for the label!^^^
Still working on finishing last year’s holiday six!

This one strikes me as having a turmeric or ginger note, both on the nose and palate. Not a deal breaker, but not my favorite.

All right! Here’s to 2021!

Black Adder

I've seen it, been a little curious, but.....

Maybe I'm being a little hard on the brewers; I just don't want them throwing a lot of "Christmas-y" spices or flavors in a beer and calling it good. I really get the heebie-jeebies if they start aiming for peppermint or candy cane.

Then again, you could just throw the question back at me... just what IS a holiday beer, Black Adder? I really didn't see much on the shelves though, and that Founder's excellence I showed you fellows kept me very happy over the holidays.


The only one I like from Surly. Been a long time since I've had one, though.
The Surly offerings in Ohio are hit and miss. I buy what I can when I see it. When I lived in Brookings, SD, I'd have to smuggle it from the Cities or have someone bring it back. Was happy they could get MN legislation changed so they could expand production. Now I see it in Ohio!

Black Adder


A blended stout; tough one to describe, even Dogfish Head doesn't say too much about it, preferring to get all mystical and wanting to discuss Miles Davis. It was okay, in a largely positive way. I detected an almost sour aroma on the nose, but I think it was the honey presence. Some honeys have a weird smell. A warm stout, definitely a sipper.

Hmmmm.... didn't notice 'til I posted the photo. It's a 2 year old beer!
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