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Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2020

Stuck at home....job forced my wife and I to work at home!!!

So today I have been drinking:

Carta Blanca


and tonight for dinner I'll enjoy these with a big or "Grande" bowl of menudo.
I Will have a Wiedemann , but it will not be green.
I won't drink green beers, either. Green "themed" beers? Well....
Mythic Mongrel Irish Cream Ale from Bad Weather. A lot of Irish ales still on the shelves, and I've been having fun exploring the style. This one has a solid malt body with a slight hop kick. Enjoyable.

Malty, slightly floral hops. Low alcohol. A classic British bitter.

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Don't know if you've had their London Porter, but give it a try. It's pretty nice.

Robert the Bruce scotch ale from 3 Floyds Brewing (Indiana):
The bottle label and 6 pack carton had a "3D Puzzle" quality about it; had to work a little bit to find out what I was buying! There was either too much hops or a smoked malt push that gave this one a bitterness I don't expect, or really want, from a scotch ale. I'll happily finish the six, but won't be buying more.