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Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2020

I'm liking that wee heavy, vates!


A white stout from Bad Weather of St. Paul, MN. A tribute beer to one of the founding brewers, incorporating coffee, vanilla, and chocolate. Second time I've had a go with this one. I picked up a lot of vanilla the first time I tried it, but coffee came out this time. Gets high marks for balance! I may have scored a couple of crowlers from Bad Weather tonight; a different wild rice porter and a dunkel bock. I've gots my fingers crossed!

The wild rice porter from Bad Weather wasn't available, so I received this one:
A basic, middle of the road stout. Sessionable ABV. I'll admit, I was hoping for more from the beer; just okay.



Fussy Evil Genius
Fresh and cold out of the fridge it’s tasty. But I sort of feel like when it sits in the glass for A bit and the temperature drops it tastes better. It becomes more creamy and smooth IMO.
Oh, yes. That's the sort of thing that's best savored over some time. You miss a bunch of its depth and complexity when it's so cold.
Homebrew Pre-Prohibition Pilsner last night with some grilled burgers. A bit more bitter on the end than I recall from last time, but still a good combination.
I get confused between this thread and the "What are you drinking" thread. Apparently the difference is beer vs liquor.
In honor of this event, I toast you all with this:

Chocolate oatmeal stout from Karben4 Brewing out of Madison, WI. Very tasty. The foam had a two tone quality; dark brown and white. I KNOW at least one of you guys has a cat that looks like that on the bottle label....

It is also International Beer Day!
Well NOW I'm just confused....

More better!
Well, maybe not my grammar, but it kicks the Muddy Boot oatmeal stout right out of the park. Raisin sweet, but not too much. Kind of like a soda, except for the slight giddiness and devil may care attitiude that comes from a pint and a half at 6.7%ABV. My quest is to get the wild rice porter from Bad Weather. Stay tuned!