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Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2020


COVID-19 special....
Revival by Bissell Brothers Brewing Company.
Very nice stout. Just a bit too bitter for a milk stout

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They do flare a bit at the top, eh?!
Kinda looks like they started to blow mold a funnel, the decided to make it into a beer cup. Oh, well....:001_smile


Founder's can pull of barrel-aged stuff pretty well, but to be honest, I've got to give the edge to Central Waters out of Amherst, Wi. This is a red ale, with cherries added, then aged in three separate barrels. Central Waters can keep that barrel boozy "burn" to a bare minimum or nonexistent level. IBUs are very low, too. 12% ABV, but I wasn't painfully aware of it like I usually am with the barrel aged stuff. Great with food; almost an aperitif!

So tonight I’ll be doing a “virtual beer festival” with a few friends. I guess it’s meant to take the place of a physical event, so we got shipments of beers and there will be a livestream going where there’s a host and bands and commentary from the brewers talking about their beers. We’ll see how it goes, I’ve had a couple of these beers and have seen a couple others, but looking forward to trying out some other SoCal breweries that are new to me.
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I've missed this one so far, probably because I favor heavier stuff. How'd you like it? I won't shy away from a Florida Cracker from Cigar City on a hot summer's day!
It's not bad. Has notes of banana, which is a little different. It's not my favorite summer beer, but the wife likes it so I'll occasionally have one. I love Florida Cracker! Think I will pick some up for this week. :)
I'll be drinking a variety of beers this evening, and I'll likely be grilling.
My grill doesn't light without beer. I can't explain it....:biggrin1:.


I know a lot of you are fans of Boulevard. Personally, I think this one is too sweet. 13.2% ABV; IBU is almost non-existent at 16. BUT... it is interesting. A basic ale aged in whiskey barrels with maple syrup added. If you're going to try it, have it with some food.

i don’t know if it is the power of suggestion, but I get that banana note, too. Must’ve arrived home as you were posting! Thanks for your take on it!
HEY!! This isn't the start of one of those magical, "it's in my larder because of my lovely wife" postings, is it?!?!

Some of you fellows are really starting to get on my nerves.....;)

HEY!! This isn't the start of one of those magical, "it's in my larder because of my lovely wife" postings, is it?!?!

Some of you fellows are really starting to get on my nerves.....;)

Nope. I had to drive to the store and haul it home. Not complaining, though, as I also found a bottle of Weller SR. All of the Funky Buddha and Cigar City Stuff is on sale here. Just over a buck a beer. I kinda discourage the other half from bringing beer home. It is hit or miss with the misses dominating.
Wisconsin trip for beer. 2 twelve packs from New Glarus, and four crowlers from Oliphant.


Okay coffee black ale, but a disappointment for the premium price I paid for it. Can't win 'em all!

Been a while since I had one of those! BUT, while we're on the light, fresh, refreshing, thirst quenching beer topic...
Had three of these in a row. A backyard patio, summer grillin' beer if there ever was one. "Beer at its most basic," reads the can copy. Clean and fresh. No other way to describe it.