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Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2019

Some fruit from our 'Sconnie (Wisconsin) Run...

From left to right:
3 Sheeps Bon Bon Chocolate Milk Stout
New Glarus' Snowshoe Ale (Irish Amber)
New Glarus' Laughing Fox (Crystal Wheat)
Point Brewing's Snow Pilot (Pistachio Nut Brown Ale)

When we returned to our park-and-ride spot, we looked like smugglers divvying up the spoils.

Also, saw Founder's CBS in a 4 pack; kinda expensive, though:sad:.

Irish Amber from New Glarus...

The malt and the hops meet right in the middle of the palate, giving you the freedom to choose which way you want the beer to go. Smooth. Very nice.



Tried Samuel Adams Kosmic Sour tonight. Not sour at all IMO. But then again I’ve had exactly 1 sour beer in my life. But it was SOUR! This one tasted like a regular ole beer to me.


Here’s a video I did too.

Laughing Fox is a kristal hefeweizen from New Glarus...
Very effervescent. That head happened even though I was pouring slow and against the side of the glass. Darker than I thought it would be, too.

I LIKE New Glarus. Their beers, their business model, and I think Dan Carey is a genius when it comes to brewing. I'm struggling to find something I liked about Laughing Fox. It had an ester-y bitterness on the initial taste, and it lingered. Maybe I'll come around when I finish the other five bottles.