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Been told my shave isn’t close enough! 😂

Due to getting a promotion in work I have to take on additional responsibilities, one of which involves wearing a properly fitted mask. Was informed that I needed to be clean shaven for the testing (which I was like “I got this”, lol), but once testing started I failed the first 3 mask types!

The tester then did another check of my face and concluded my shave was “borderline allowable”!

Quite surprised given that I shaved well this morning with my R89 twist and a fresh Sputnik blade, and gave myself some minor nicks in an effort to be nice and smooth 😒

On a side note, the tester then said that because I have now been tested I have to be clean shaven every day. I was just thinking, do I need any more excuses to enjoy this morning routine? 😜
Sounds like an N95 fit test. Usually the problem is an existing beard/mustache that prevents a close fit, but I can't imagine any blade shave (or electric for that matter) that would prevent a good facepiece seal.
Will you be wearing on a regular basis or just have to be fit tested and prepared?

In my work we have occasional escape/rescue respirator situation that almost never happen. I've known guys that keep a travel shave kit with theirs just in case or Vaseline to help seal. Neither is a good option if used even semiregularly.

Also try to figure out where it's leaking. Often times it's at a skin crease and some fit testers are quick to blame stubble.

Also full mask or half mask?
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