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    I've had an Pal injectomatic and some Ted Pella injector blades for some time now, but hadn't gotten around to trying them out. Well, I took the plunge this week and its been rather pleasant. The first shave was a little rough. Which may have been due to the fact that I had a 3 week beard going on (trimmed with hair clippers first). But since then I have been surprised by the quality of the shaves. No tugging (even on a 2.5 day growth beard).

    Any suggestions for another razor to try out? Im convinced that these Ted Pella blades (personna) are pretty cheap and provide a decent enough shave.
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  1. Next would go with a Schick...the I and J types shave very similar to the PAL in my opinion. You could get more aggressive with an E or G...I love the G-66 for example but also like the milder shavers like I,J and L types.

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  2. Glad to see you here. :)

    Almost every schick injector is as good or better. And I woukd suggest M adjustable. You can dial up or down as you like and it can be used with twin blade, which I think is the smoothest blade you can get.

    Many people think Ted Pella blade is the least favorite. I think you will love injector more if you use Schick china or Schick Proline blade.
  3. I can highly recommend the Schick Injector Type G. Shaving perfection. An engineering marvel.
  4. Any of the aforementioned Schicks will give you great shaves. The Chinese Schick blades are generally held in higher regard than the Ted Pella blades, which are rebranded Personnas. Schick Proline blades are my favorite, but they are not as commonly found.
  5. Proline also has the caveat of needing to be reloaded in an injector with a key.

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  6. Oops, forgot to add that.
  7. Since you like the PAL, I’ll also recommend the Schick E, G, I, J or the M adjustable. The E and G are moderately aggressive and make wonderful daily drivers. The I and J are a bit milder and the M can be anywhere from mild to wild.
  8. Brother 99,

    Well stated, except I wouldn't say the Type E is moderately aggressive. I would say it is aggressive. Handle with care!
  9. nemo

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    Go ahead and try a Schick. I learned to shave with an E type in the late '60s, I didn't find it aggressive plus you'll figure it out. I was probably just mowing down some peace fuzz back then. :001_rolle
  10. Brother Steve, I bet you’ll that the E is like driving a sports car with the way it handles and, oh, that honey color bakelite handle. Ohhh... that handle!

  11. I like the Type E very much. I have several of them. But I also respect them. They definitely are aggressive and must be used with focus and caution.
  12. Totally agree. Wonderful and handle with care/respect. ;)
  13. If you don't mind spending $20-$30, the M Adjustable is a great injector. I've had a Persona, which I didn't really care fore, but that could have been the Ever-Sharp blades, a G1 which gives very close shaves, and then the M Adjustable. The M is by far smoothest, yet very efficient. I typically use mine at around 7 with a Chinese Schick blade, but haven't yet needed raise it yet, as the blade only has 7-8 shaves on it.
  14. Raise it?? 7 is the most aggressive if I am using mine correctly!! I didn’t think you could go any higher.

    Love my adjustable.

    I had a personna adjustableas well. Sold it. Wasn’t impressed.

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