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Becker Scuttle

Was wondering if anybody has had any dealings with Robert Becker & ordering from his website. He's got some great looking scuttles that are priced really well. Thinking of ordering one. Anybody ordered from him?
his selection looks really good. colors look awesome. Price makes me think twice about whether I should order from him or georgetown pottery. his price is much lower.
Robert Beckerr is a awesome Potter with great customer service!!! Below is my Medium ‘Cactus Sand’ Shaving Scuttle & Review". :lol1:

Read More: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=171254

NOTE: I replaced the rubber stooper with a wine cork (perfect & tight fit), because at times...the rubber stopper would 'pop' inside the Scuttle (no problem fishing it out), due to the pressure/steam from the hot water. Of course I wouldn't have this occasional problem if I would'nt use near boiling water to start with anyway, but I have'nt had any problems with the wine cork....plus it looks 'cooler' :thumbsup:


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That's a great looking scuttle. Thanks for posting it. I think I'll go ahead and put in an order. Haven't bought any shaving products in a week or so.
I have a Becker scuttle and like it very much. The primary reason for the lesser price is that Becker's are a slip cast product as opposed to being a "thrown" piece. Many argue against the slip cast and maybe there is a difference over time. That said I have several thrown scuttles and like the Becker as well as others. It's a great place to start and maybe someplace you want to stay.
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