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FS Beautiful Jnats and Coticule

Please message me with any requests for more pictures or information, I have a ton of both.

Maruoyama Hon Tomae
A softer stone with many different colors. Super clean and an excellent polisher. 208x75x32

Antique Nakayama Kan
Very old Nakayama with hand sawn sides. Buttery smooth and on the softer side. This kan pattern is more intense than the photos show, I count at least six concentric rings not including the yake line on the one side. I can try to take more pictures of the pattern if anyone would like. Sealed. 166x70x23
AC614961-A717-43EB-8FB8-423B838A7441.jpeg 4A09C6B4-86FA-44C7-8B5A-B9F1F8610D49.jpeg

Antique Kiita
Very old kiita with hand sawn sides and gorgeous kawa on the back. A medium-hard hardness and very easy to use. 164x55x19-22
22EE6744-DAB9-4849-8665-F8F754EB94B8.jpeg 99B903E2-E22C-4085-856D-DC0B5860AABE.jpeg

Aiiwatani asagi koppa
Super fine stone that puts a very nice edge on a razor. The mark on the short flat side does not interfere with honing. 134x72x21-31

Aiiwatani koppa
Not sure what strata this came from, but the slurry is light yellow like other kiita I have owned. A harder razor size stone with a faint karasu pattern, and there is kawa on three sides. Trapezoidal, the measurements in the middle are 135x58x27-29

Aiiwatani kiita or suita
Not sure what strata this came from, but the slurry is an orange color. Mostly on the softer side, the part of the stone with the black lines is slightly harder. Both sides can be used. 167x71x23
10FF3C75-0927-4A22-B930-58095D3B2BC1.jpeg 19FCE276-8D7A-4F1D-ACAA-7BA23E3AA3DB.jpeg

Beautiful and hard antique coticule with a karasu pattern over a coffee with cream colored surface. This must have been in a paddle once, the rosey colored backside is rough hewn. Would be an excellent candidate for a BBW backing. 211x42x9 max
Little yellow aiiwatani koppa withdrawn, I lapped it a few millimeters and it has transformed into a drop dead gorgeous piece.
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