Beards and Moustaches Acquisitions Thread

Discussion in 'Beards & Moustaches' started by Shave_Rat, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. cleanshaved

    cleanshaved Moderator

    Looks a good carry size.
  2. cleanshaved

    cleanshaved Moderator

    A soap dish. While not exactly a beard product it was bought to hold my beard soap.

  3. Detroit Grooming Belle Isle beard butter.


    Hey Joe! shave gel for lining up my beard.

  4. IMG_20180824_203757.jpg

    Grave Before Shave Beard Wash
    MOBeards Redwood Beard Oil
    MOBeards Beard Butter
    Grave Before Shave Bourbon Scent Beard Balm
    oh and some local bourbon​
  5. Seki Edge scissors.

  6. Stirling Soap Sandpiper beard oil.


    Bossman Fortify (Magic scent) beard conditioner.

  7. Some göt2b glued Spiking Glue ...
    ... and a tapered comb (similar to this one) to apply it.
  8. Duke Cannon's Best Damn Beard Balm
  9. troy

    troy Ambassador

    I picked up a couple of locally made oils from the barbershop in my small town.
  10. Went looking for macadamia nut oil uses because of your post.

    For certain hair types, macadamia oil may very well be a "miracle ingredient" that hydrates hair without making it appear heavy.
    Macadamia oil is great for calming the hair of frizz, tangles, and dullness.

    Sounds like I might try it.
  11. troy

    troy Ambassador

    That makes sense. It's probably the lightest weight thinnest beard oil I've tried. It absorbs into the hair very quickly. Crystal clear too, I believe all the other oils I've tried have at least some color to them.
  12. August West

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