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Discussion in 'Beards & Moustaches' started by Shave_Rat, Nov 20, 2015.

    It is indeed, however have to not be vain and accept aging LOL so at least there is Clubman Brown LOL
  1. strop

    strop Moderator Emeritus

    Embrace the white hair!
  2. LOL, Mark I'm at the Multi Color stage HB is all brown with a few whites peeking out and the Van dyke is mostly white, so I feel like an unfinished coloring book LOL
  3. strop

    strop Moderator Emeritus

    I confess to not having had to endure that. I turned white very quickly at a relatively young age. I still have more white hair than my 88yo father. My mother, on the other hand...
  4. Oh I know I will get there, that's a guarantee, just fighting it all the way:lol:
  5. syngent

    syngent Moderator

    it came, i actually didn't realise i for three of the same brand of oils, just worked out that way. the brown label one smells like castle Forbes cedarwood and sandalwood, or pencil shavings. the green smells like trident spearmint gum, and the orange smells like an orange life saver, so it's my fav... the big tin of wax is lightly scented the same. the fawcetts wax is ylang ylang. the Eddie jagger wax is incredibly nice scent wise. the brush is nice, and the little comb was a toss in from MenEssentials. i don't think I'll use the pencil shaving oil but ill try it once on a cold day, i actually meant to remove it since i added it to my cart on accident but oh well
  6. Shave_Rat

    Shave_Rat Moderator

    I picked up this to maintain the beard that is now growing in...

  7. Shave_Rat

    Shave_Rat Moderator

    Early holiday gift from the wife. She was picking up something for a friend of ours at Lush cosmetics, and came home with this for me (as well as some other things for herself... lol). Kent comb in the pic only for size reference. The tin is tiny compared to the other waxes I have. Way more pricey than any others I've picked up, as well. That being said, it's a darned effective wax, and I only used 1/3 the amount I would have with wither waxes, so the price may even itself out over all.

  8. I don't know how I missed this one!

    $Oil Kit.jpg

    Very cool thread!
  9. Some of my pickups the last few weeks.

  10. strop

    strop Moderator Emeritus

    Love to see all the various products!

    For those of us that have hair that is pigment challenged, a pic of the opened tin would be much appreciated. I'm always looking for new stuff, but if it is too yellow it just won't work for me.
  11. Good call
  12. I can do that, but I'll just tell you, everything I have pictured is very light in coloration. I only have the beginnings of grey coming in, but I have embraced it as inevitable. I look at it as an interesting journey. I get to watch my beard change colors...that's gonna be cool...

    In my humble opinion grey hair in a beard is awesome. It never looks bad, whether it is a few strands, patches or Santa-style, grey and white contrasts in a beard always looks good.

    You've earned those greys. Flaunt them!
  13. AMEN ! It implies Wisdom (in some cases) earned , through experience . I never think it looks bad , even on young guys or women . I know people that started turning grey at 18 !
  14. strop

    strop Moderator Emeritus

    My hair was significantly grey by 35, though the stache has only been white within the last 10- years.

    Chris, have you ever used Firehouse or Lockhart's? Those are both light enough (color not hold)for me, and I'd be curious how those compare. I loved the hold and scent of Oregon Wild Hair, but it was just too yellow, as was Fisticuffs.
  15. I've never used either brand. There are simply way too many good beard companies out there these days to try them all...

    I have used fisticuffs oil and wax. The products I use from The Bearded Bastard and Black Rebel Beard Company are comparable in color to those made by Fisticuffs/Grave Before Shave. The balms I use are an off-white, creamy color, and the waxes are closer to the color of bee's wax...
  16. strop

    strop Moderator Emeritus

    Too many brands is almost an understatement, but it's a good problem to have. Sadly, if they are like Fisticuffs, I'll have to pass.

    Most beeswax comes in that darker yellow shade, though one can get white beeswax. I suspect, but do not know that it is treated in some way. A friend of mine who is a beekeeper tells me that freshly made wax in a new hive, is pure white, and that as it ages and billions of bees walk all over it, it turns darker!
  17. Shave_Rat

    Shave_Rat Moderator

    The Veerappan from Lush Cosmetics is just an offwhite (they don't use any beeswax, which is why), and has pretty strong hold. It is more expensive than lots of others out there, which I wasn't a big fan of, but then, I do use much less of it at a time and get the same hold power as the others I've tried. The Proraso mustache wax (cream, really) is pretty much pure white in the tub.
  18. strop

    strop Moderator Emeritus

    If there is no beeswax, I wonder what gives it the hold?
  19. Shave_Rat

    Shave_Rat Moderator

    Here's the ingredients list:

    Castor Oil (Ricinus communis) , Candelilla Wax (Euphorbia cerifera) , Japan Wax (Rhus Succedanea) , Carnauba Wax , Stearic Acid , Fragrance , Rose Wax (Rosa damascena) , Indian Sandalwood Oil (Santalum album) , Sandalwood Oil (Santalum austro-caledonicum vieill) , Madagascan Vetivert Oil (Vetiveria zizanoides) , Tagetes Oil (Tagetes minuta) , Lemongrass Oil (Cymbopogon citratus)

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