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Beard Trimmer


No problem. That one seemed to be the best review when I was looking into it. All of his videos are good for that matter.
My Brio Beardscape came in and I can say that for the few times I've used it, I really like it. First, the beard trimming guides which came with the Wahl mostly broke within a few months. The Brio's guides are many and look to be sturdy. The cutting action is very smooth and sharp. I totally like it at this time. It would appear to be a very durable trimmer, although because of its cost, not the solution for everyone. Apparently, there are several different options. Mine came with the zippered travel case and, I think, about 6 different trimming guides, all of them double sided with different lengths. The only negative is that the guides don't fit in the travel case, but I think I've settled on two of the guides for constant use and I can probably fit those 2 in the case.
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Im still a big fan of Panasonic beard trimmers. Ive used the Wahl Lithium-Ion (which I can tell you dont get it wet because it will be junk after that) and the Panasonic ER-GB40-S and the Panasonic is much better, IMO. You can use it wet or dry, its quick and easy to adjust the guard and the battery seems to last forever.
Ive tried various Wahl trimmers and clippers and even though I know Wahl has a great brand reputation, they were just kind of meh for me. They just felt kind of cheap and poorly designed.
Appreciate your review vacman and the info you provided, Badgerstate36. Attached are the two trimmers I've been using to maintain my beard and mustache. The Norelco trimmer the right has no edging capability, but collects the majority of hair it cuts. I use this trimmer for reducing bulk on both my beard and stache. For edging the bottom of my stache and edging my neckline, I use the Norelco trimmer on the left. Heard about the Brio and saw this thread and was wondering if those who bought it like it and if they would recommend it. Here are my current trimmers...
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