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    Howdy Ya'll,

    Any recommendations on a beard trimmer? I'm using scissors for delicate cleanup, looking for something to do a bit more of an initial cleanup before a tidying shave. Any idea's?


  1. I personally think you should get a professional grade trimmer that works for haircuts and beard trimming. They don't cost that much more and will last a lifetime. Usually dedicated beard trimmers are mainly a branding thing and may not be the best quality. The most important thing is to be able to adjust to a precise length, have blades that cut clean the first time, and a unit that is easy to use and control. I like the Wahl 5 Star Cordless Magic Clip.
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    Check out the Braun MGK line.
  3. troy

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    I have the same one, probably had it around a year. Works great, and the battery last a long time. I get several uses between charges and if it does run out mid trim a minute or two on the charger and it's right back to life with enough charge to get the job done.
  4. Anyone tried the Brio Beardscape?

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    I've used Andis and Wahl. The Andis was cordless and the wahl corded. All in all, I have found the Wahl to be be the smarter buy.
  6. You have facial hair?
  7. REV579

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    Yes, a short, shaped beard. One of the reasons an Old Type is my go to. The only thing that might be more precise is a straight.
  8. Wow, never figured.
  9. REV579

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    Grew it back around the time I had my ankle worked on, last Spring.
  10. Had facial hair in one form or another for most of my adult life. Shaved it off around 2015. I could shave twice a say if I were going out at night. Very coarse and thick. Wish it was on my head instead...LOL. Thick up there but no body much.
  11. Do you ever use the zero gap feature?

    I’m deciding between the magic clip or the legend.

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  12. I ended up going with theWahl Sterling 9, when it gets here and I use it, I’ll post my thoughts.

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  13. I would go with ceramic and titanium blades. Reviews on youtube say the brio beardscape is a great trimmer. I will be getting one as soon as I can.
  14. I just ordered the Brio. I'll see how it compares with the Wahl I've been using. The Wahl tugs a little at times since my wife dropped it!
  15. I'll be interested to hear how you like the Brio. I considered one but the reviews on Amazon seem to be pretty hit or miss with it. A lot of people seem to complain about the, "burden" warning and how sometimes the trimmer will simply stop working if it feels that there is too much load on it.
    The Brio looks sweet but it sounds like it may be a bit overengineered. IMO, you dont need a trimmer that will shut itself off when it feel that it needs to cleaned or oiled by sensing how much load is on the motor.
  16. for me, the most preferred material is stainless steel. They are really good quality and avoids rust problems. Even if there are some brands who fail to provide good blades. They are just named stainless steel blades but work nothing like them. Wahl 79602 would be the best option for beard trimming, it though has some heat issue if you use for a long time, otherwise for the regular use its work perfect for me!
  17. Suhrim21 or Vacman -- what's the verdict on the Brio? What are the pros and cons? Any update would be appreciated.
  18. Here is a good review. I havent used one. But that guy has very honest reviews.


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