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Beard reduction...

Im using a Merkur Progress and still experimenting with different blades,
however my 1st pass seems nearly bbs give or take a few missed patches.

I dont know if my technique is better than I think, or im using too much pressure?. (Probably the latter)

I seem to find it hard to apply very little pressure yet enough to reduce my beard.
Ideally the weight of the razor should do the reduction.

The pivot on cartridge razors is the reason you get more out of it by pressing down. However if you don't find any irritation with your current method, especially after your first pass, then by all means, rejoice.
Its set to 1.5 as I hardly get any irritation at that setting. My beard isnt heavy, but not fine either. I shave every 2 days, everyday at a push.

Are you shaving over areas more than once with no lather?

1 pass BBS and no irritation? Every other day?
Consider yourself lucky and leave it at that.
I guess you've found your ideal blade and razor setting...

gone down south

What do you consider BBS? Completely smooth to the touch in every direction with absolutely no irritation or redness?
If you can get that in one pass, god bless you!
No, smooth in one direction wtg. I rarely go xtg or atg, as my shaves are good enough wtg, I could try atg, but I have a feeling that may cause redness/irritation?
DFS stands for Damn Fine Shave, which most people go fo on a day to day basis.

BBS=Baby Butt Smooth, no sign of hair folicles when touching face in any direction
DFS+=Nearly BBS, only slight sign of roughness in small spots
DFS=no visual hair, looks great and feels only slightly rough ATG (against the grain)
Jeez, new depths for me. Always go for DFS WTG. I'll experiment atg, but bbs seems to me like one would have to be a perfectionist to obtain that feel.

Thanks everyone for your input so far, always appreciated.
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