Beard patches and coloring gray hair

Discussion in 'Beards & Moustaches' started by newbeard, Dec 19, 2018.

    Newbie here who has never grown a beard until now.

    I have patches of no-growth areas on my cheeks and was wondering how to fill it in. Are there are any spray on/application products to but fake hair in there (something like Toppik)?

    Also, lots of grey hair and used Just for Men but it doesn't last for more than a week (gray comes back after showers). Any recommendations for darkening gray hair for the long haul?

  1. cleanshaved

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    Spray on hair application? Sorry can't help you there. That's not something I would even contemplate doing.
    I say except the gray as earned. Wear them with pride.
  2. I just count my gray beard as a sign of honor, telling the world that the many mistakes of my youth didn't kill me, although that is really God's grace. As far as filling in spots, I have never heard of anything that can do that.

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  3. mrlandpirate

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    Goatee and rock that like a silver fox
  4. It took me 6 weeks to get a respectable beard in the day. My Italian/Portuguese roommate had one in 1 week.

    Anyway, give it time or shape it accordingly?

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  5. Theres really nothing you can do to fill in a patchy beard other than letting it grow out to fill in the patches. Everyone has patches on their beard somewhere, they just grow it out enough for them to either fill in or be covered up.
    Ive got the same problem too. My moustache, soul patch and chin come in super thick but my cheeks are a bit patchy, especially my left cheek. No one seems to really notice, so I dont worry about it.
  6. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Yup, I earned it but sometimes I don't want to show it in this age-obsessed era. Cheers.

  7. Thanks. I'm looking forward to never shaving a beard/mustache again as I seem to be getting pocket-marked skin after decades of shaving (use a 5 blade shaver but I guess I'm just getting olde).

  8. Great point. I guess I'm self-conscious when I look at the patches but I do see it in other men only when I analyze their beard. Cheers.

  9. Hair dye for the gray. Only need to use a small amount of each of the two products. If you trim facial hair short, it doesn't last long. Longer beards will hold long enough for the gray roots to start showing.

    Patches. Pick a beard style that minimizes the patches, but let it grow out For as long as possible first. A lot won't be noticeable. Get someone's opinion you trust as well and ask them what they see talking to you. Looking at it from 12" away makes mountains out of mole hills, which might be how far away the mirror is, and don't look at it with any magnification mirrors.
  10. This may be a bit long but bear with me. If your beard color is not lasting it is because of one of 2 things that are hard on color. The first is sun. Sun will bleach the color out in a couple of days. The other is your choice of shampoo. If you are going to color, then you need to use a shampoo that is designed for colored hair. Head and Shoulders, VO5, and many of the other cheap shampoos will strip the color in a hurry. I found a Suave for colored hair that works well as does Clubman Country Club shampoo.
  11. I meant Women's Hair Dye
  12. Hair dye, really? I told my wife in 1968 that in 50 years, men would become women and women men. I never believed my prophecy would come true. I say, let it grow in naturally or not at all.
  13. Quick trip to Sally's Beauty Supply to get these 2 products:
    Dark Brown Permanent Powder Hair Color
    Gray Magic Color Additive .25 oz.

    Just for Men is a temporary product that washes out quickly. Bigen or Water Works is a permanent product. But gray hair is resistant to coloring so you need to add the gray drops to cover the gray. Bigen is available in about 30 different colors so it's easy to match you natural hair color.

    I know all of this from showing dogs for overt 30 years. The ones you see on TV every February at Westminster are not 100% natural.
  14. One side of my 'Stache has a lot of gray, the other hardly any. Looks like I have a very lop-sided 'stache unless very close, which looks goofy. I wouldn't mind making it greyer. It's not the grey, it's the unevenness of it.

    Or do you mean full beard or no facial hair? Don't mind that, but I would have to change jobs. Very few places like untrimmed beards.
  15. REV579

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    Keep it short until it all fills in. By short, I mean a 0.5-1.0 setting on clippers. It will fill in. Weekly or 2x/week shaving will stimulate growth too.
  16. Fill in? My gray doesn't change to a darker color over time. It is always Grey. I have more grey on one side than the other. Don't care if I make it all greyer, or all darker :)
  17. REV579

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    That would be something else! The filling in is for his “patches of no-growth areas on [his] cheeks...”
    Alternatively Chia pet application might help in a pinch
  18. Sooner or later it will all be gray. I understand the gray patches and unevenness. In the 80s when I grew a full bushy dark beard every Labor to Memorial day, I had a circle of gray on the right side of my chin about the size of a half-dollar. Looked weird but I left it. I've been clean shaven since a second job in the 90s banned beards. Now retired, my beard would probably look like my #1 buzz cut - 1/3 dark hairs, 2/3 silver. The silver areas look like bald patches on my head, but I don't care. I never wanted to look like everyone else anyway.

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